1. Yep, I’m all for not pandering to religious extremists, whatever their color or creed. For example here in Belgium we have teachers who say they don’t want to teach evolution because they’re Muslims. I say fire them.
    The problem is that the only political bodies that take a strong stance against Islam are the extreme right – BNP, Vlaams Belang, Front National, etc. And I’m not giving those nazi nostalgics any shadow of a hope of having my vote, ever.

  2. Every time I read about this pandering to the radical Islamists in Europe, it makes me angry, sad, and fearful that it might happen here. We, and I use the term to refer to Western Civilization, have considered ourselves to be people of laws, rather than personalities. We supposedly have freedom of religion and speech. Pat is right on. The cultures are not equal, and the west had better not sell out to the medieval, brutal values of the Islamists.

  3. Exactly, Inti. Fire the teachers who don’t want to teach. I wouldn’t have a problem with a Muslim organization firing someone for refusing to do whatever they require proper Muslims to do, either. Schools are for teaching actual things that we’ve learned. Not for refusing that knowledge in favor of mythology. Churches and temples are for Churcy/temply stuff.
    The extreme right wing that takes the strong stance against radical Islam are (and I’m going out on a limb of assumption here) likely Christians who hate them because they’re not Christians…. so it’s the same thing. They don’t want Islam in schools, but they’d be perfectly happy to have their blue-eyed Jesus all over the place.
    Us rational types don’t want any of it in there. 🙂

  4. i can’t believe muslims are asking for more respect. they’re all a bunch of violent, wife-beating, child-mutilating, polygamous extremists hellbent on destroying western liberal society. why do they deserve my respect?

    gotta love pat. his argument is airtight.

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