• dang

    I told him those weren’t shitake mushrooms!

  • Meg

    I used to go to Sendai every weekend for a year. I am so, so sad I missed this guy.

  • Man, the 2010 version of Ultra-Man is really Ultra-Lame.

  • pvc

    Japanese clothing is getting really shoddy.

  • Circe

    Well, there’s six minutes of my life I’m never going to get back.

    • Stick

      Those were some of the finest six minutes of my life.

    • Justin

      Why would want those minutes back?? Those six minutes definitely make my top 10,000.

    • Sue Dunham

      Really? I only lasted 45 seconds.

  • Obama was born in Japan.

  • PopCollector

    Serious gas problems.

  • George

    Spoiler: It ends with “OKAAASAAAAAAAAN”

  • Mike K

    But that was a nice train.

  • Julia S.

    It actually sounded like a bad bollywood song…