Homer’s Odyssey

The AV Club reviews the third episode of The Simpsons:

When I was growing up, I thought of The Simpsons as brilliantly written but poorly animated. My frame of reference for great animation was the elegant, painterly beauty of Disney and the spastic, anarchic madness of early Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies. By those prohibitively high standards, the animation on The Simpsons came across as crude and artless.

I have since learned the errors of my ways. I now think The Simpsons is a brilliantly animated show but the animation in the first season sometimes feels like a hastily assembled rough draft. The character movement is sometimes clunky and limited in a Hanna-Barbera fashion and the backgrounds tend to be static. The Simpsons reflected the house style of Klasky-Csupo, an animation house that prized ugly over pretty and freakish over normal. In their earliest incarnation, the Simpsons represented a mutated take on the nuclear in the most literal sense: with their mustard yellow skin and bizarrely shaped heads, they bore only a vague resemblance to actual human beings.

(via deep inside the bean soaked bowels of Metafilter)