Rabbis Urge Filibuster Against Homosexualization of the Military — As a Threat to Religious Liberty

You ever notice that the more religious a person is the more hateful they become?

In the wake of the recent Congressional votes to repeal the ban on homosexuals serving openly in the US Armed Forces, Rabbi Yehuda Levin, Official Spokesman on family issues for the Rabbinical Alliance of America, representing the views of approximately 850 Orthodox Rabbis across the US and Canada, issued the following statement – ahead of the expected full Senate vote:

“Decent Bible-believing family people have been increasingly outraged by the cravenness of many politicians in their mad dash to turn timeless values on their heads, by advancing homosexual adoption, domestic partnerships, civil unions, ‘marriage,’ and ‘Heather Has Two Mommies,’ et. al.

“The next slice of the salami – the koshering of volitional homosexual activity, along with all aspects of the homosexual culture, throughout the US Military — constitutes a rebellion against G-d, and demoralizes both military and civilian society. We condemn the inherent antipathy, intolerance, and even belligerence towards the essential religious liberties of Bible-adherents.

“How queer that Politically Correct ‘equality’ — fanatics in the military, who have already recognized the ‘religious rights’ of Wiccans, would single out traditional Bible-believers to be the object of their Zero-Tolerance policies. This will render it nigh impossible for Bible adherents to serve in the military.