Painter Thomas Kinkade arrested for alleged DUI


Famed Placerville-raised painter Thomas Kinkade has been arrested for allegedly driving drunk outside Carmel, according to the California Highway Patrol.

A Monterey County sheriff’s deputy initially pulled over Kinkade’s Mercedes Benz for a vehicle code violation Friday night, said CHP Officer Robert Lehman. After making contact with the 52-year-old Kinkade, the deputy suspected that he was drunk, Lehman said.

The deputy called the CHP to assist, and an officer performed tests to determine that Kinkade was impaired, Lehman said. The CHP officer arrested Kinkade just after 10 p.m.

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Touchdown Jesus Statue Destroyed by Lightning

Surely sounds like a sign from God to me!

MONROE, Ohio – A six-story-tall statue of Jesus Christ with his arms raised along a highway was struck by lightning in a thunderstorm Monday night and burned to the ground, police said.

The “King of Kings” statue, one of southwest Ohio’s most familiar landmarks, had stood since 2004 at the evangelical Solid Rock Church along Interstate 75 in Monroe, just north of Cincinnati.

The lightning strike set the statue ablaze around 11:15 p.m., Monroe police dispatchers said.

The sculpture, 62 feet tall and 40 feet wide at the base, showed Jesus from the torso up and was nicknamed Touchdown Jesus because of the way the arms were raised, similar to a referee signaling a touchdown. It was made of plastic foam and fiberglass over a steel frame, which is all that remained early Tuesday.

And video of flaming Jesus.

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Who Invented the Vuvuzela?

From The Guardian:

It will be the big noise at next year’s football World Cup. The vuvuzela, a metre-long plastic horn blown by South African football fans, is loved and hated in equal measure for sounding like a herd of elephants or hive of angry bees.

But while manufacturers are hoping to cash in on the once-in-a-lifetime chance to sell the instrument to hundreds of thousands of visiting supporters, the man who claims he invented it says he will receive nothing.

Freddie Maake, 53, said he lives in a cramped house with his nine children in Tembisa, a township near Johannesburg, and struggles to put food on the table. He uses the nickname Saddam, a reference to the former Iraqi dictator.

The football fan said he created the vuvuzela prototype in the mid-70s and developed versions in aluminium and plastic. In 2001 a company trademarked it and mass produced it. Maake said he asked for royalties but the talks broke down.

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