Question of the Day

What’s your preferred method of making popcorn?

A month or two ago I saw a Good Eats episode where Alton made popcorn in a metal bowl covered in aluminum foil. I hadn’t made popcorn on a stove top since my mom would buy Jiffy pop when I was in grade school. So I gave Alton’s method a try and after the first few bites I took all the microwaveable popcorn I had and threw it in the garbage. It wasn’t even a comparison.

A Personal Letter From Steve Martin

From Letters of Note:

Until very recently I’d heard numerous tales of Steve Martin’s humorous responses to fan mail, but frustratingly had never seen such a letter; thankfully that situation was remedied the other week when I chanced upon the following note, apparently sent by Martin in the early-80s, post-Jerk (ahem), when he was at the top of his game. Written on his production company’s letterhead to a fan named Jerry, this personalised form letter – in particular the post-script – is further confirmation that almost everything Steve Martin produced during that era was incredibly funny.