1. Think about this politically for a second: the only thing they have a chance of accomplishing is breaking up the right-wing voting block; the right-wing Libertarians (if they have an ounce of honesty in their bones) aren’t going to vote Palin in 2012, so if anything they’re going to help secure a center-right (Obama) second term, rather than the possible theocrazy. Think Nader/Gore (though, I honestly don’t believe anyone but Gore was the reason Gore lost).

    Besides, nobody really takes Libertarians seriously anyway.

  2. Sorry, my point, if it wasn’t obvious, was maybe we shouldn’t be poking fun so much since they’re mostly irrelevant, and in a way they are keeping Republicans from getting elected.

    On second thought, that might be too late anyway since the GOP has pretty much assimilated the Libertarian label at this point with that dough-faced crybaby jackass on FOX.

  3. This has really become the silliest strawman since Republicans started capitalizing the “L” in “liberal.”

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