Woman Attempts to Not Spend Any Money for a Harrowing 24 Hours

This is either Kaufmanesque satire or we’ve found the most vapid, reality-divorced person in America. (At least for the moment. Tomorrow is a new day)

On Tuesday night I had just returned home after a long day of work and I decided to order in from my favorite restaurant. Forty minutes later, the deliveryman arrived with my pasta primavera and a Greek salad and I handed him $22.50, including tip. Pretty steep for a dinner for one, I thought. I returned to my kitchen counter, brown bag in hand, and it was then that I had a moment: I reviewed my spending for the day and I realized that I had spent well over $60 over the course of the day on menial expenses. I hadn’t gone shopping, I hadn’t dined out at Cafeteria for lunch, and I hadn’t joined my friends for drinks. It dawned on me that the taxicab rides, stops at CVS, the Starbucks lattes, the mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks, my take-out from the fabulous Italian restaurant, and other trivial expenses really added up; realizing the total cost of it all was a painful but eye-opening experience.

That night, I decided to go on a simple mission to live a full 24-hour day without spending a penny (I really should go a week). Millions of people do this all across America easily, though living in NYC, the most expensive city in the USA, makes saving highly challenging.