1. zOMG!!!1!!1 Someone actually found a valid and useful application for the iPad?!?

    Pretty soon you’ll see a fridge equipped with an iPad dock…

  2. Wow, this is easily the best advertisement for the iPad I’ve seen. For the first two minutes I was kind of starting to want an iPad, then they started playing Up and I remembered I have a laptop (which I’m on now) that can do everything the iPad can do (and much more) that cost me just over $400 2 years ago. Still, the idea of having an iPad embedded in everyday surfaces seems kind of neat.

  3. Cool, but I wonder if this is photoshopped. Can’t see any depth to the built-in area on the cabinet. Or maybe the construction is just that good!

    Kinda eliminates one of the best features of an iPad, though — its portability, especially for ereading.

  4. Wow, looks cool! Thanks for the video. I think, it`s a great idea, though a bit freaky. Especially it would match high-tech interiour of a kitchen. It seems to me that iPads soon will be installed everywhere) Some already wear it as an accessory, mount it into a car etc. What will be next?)

  5. Not a bad idea. It strikes me as very novel, though it will be better when you add the power supply. I don’t think you will get the quality of performance you would want from self powered speakers, you should at least get a set that plus into the wall, I know that adds wires, but the performance is worth it. Question, do you consider this a permanent mount, or do you remove the iPad to use it elsewhere?

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