Children On Leashes Tied To The Walls While Their Parents Work

From ChinaSmack:

2010 April 20, at a certain brick/tile factory in Dingqiao of Haining in Zhejiang province, many kiln workers’ sons and daughters have been tied to the workshop windows with rope by their parents. The reason the parents have done this is because they do not have time to look after their children yet are afraid of their children running around and getting into an accident.


  1. It’s a shame that they have to do this, or not work. But if this is necessary, at least bring some toys for the kids to play with, and put them close enough to interact with the other kids. I can’t imagine what long-term psychological effects this will have on them.

  2. Why people have kids if they don’t have time to watch for them??? Seriouslly 🙁 (include also cats, dogs and other animals too). It’s just too cruel.

  3. thats kind of bad, but so is seeing parents walk their babies on leashes around the mall. i’ll let you decide which is worse, if indeed one is worse than the other.

  4. Is this really so different than being put in a play pen ? Both restrain the child’s movements – Its better than having than kid run over or dismembered in a machine – and the kid probably won’t remember it after when he gets older anyway.

  5. sounds like something this little boy will be telling to his bewildered grand children about.
    “Back in my day our parents used to tie us to the wall for 10 hours a day. And we loved it! So quite your bitching and drink your soy juice.”

  6. Another sad reality of poverty in other cultures. We can afford to look down at those parents because we have welfare and daycare. I’m pretty sure that in that province of China, it’s either work, or starve..and with no one to watch your children, what other choice do you have?

    It’s just sad.

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