1. Some people actually think this is what libertarians believe. Why didn’t this have a “sigh” next to it, when this gets one? Comical misunderstands of other people’s ideas in either case.

  2. I find that communism and libertarianism fall victim to the same fundamental flaws. Namely the misunderstanding of human nature. That said, generally I think both groups have their hearts in the right place at the very least and I sincerely mean no injury by my initial statement.

  3. You know how in Knocked Up, Seth Rogen tells Paul Rudd that being celibate is a stepping stone to being gay?

    Being libertarian is a stepping stone to being conservative. No one ever just straight out switches sides. It’s always, “You know, I don’t think either major party has the answer anymore.” Then it’s Palin 2012 bumper stickers.

    There are two kinds of people who call themselves libertarians (and I should know, I called myself one up until 2005). The first are people whose friends or family tend to favor a party they don’t support. So they identify themselves as Libertarians because that draws less heat than picking a side. The rest are nuts (like one of my inlaws) who actually believe that Fountainhead nonsense.

    Being Libertarian doesn’t draw heat (except in the mind and self-fulfilling prophecies of Libertarians) because both sides of the political spectrum think Libertarians are nuts. And that’s because Libertarians are nuts.

    1. So you must adhere to one party or another or you’re (a) waffling or (b) crazy? That’s hogwash.

      Apart from some extremists who self-apply “libertarian” — much like hardline socialists who self-apply “progressive” or outright fascists who self-apply “conservative” — there’s nothing terribly wingnut about libertarian ideas. Note that libertarians don’t call themselves anarchists; the issue isn’t whether there should be government at all, but where exactly government interference is justified.

      Most liberals are social libertarians, and it’s somewhat inconsistent to think that consensual social interactions shouldn’t be touched by government while it’s okay for economic interactions to be regulated and monitored. The reality is that it’s okay on some level for government to interfere in both; libertarians simply value individual freedoms above utility-maximizing, and therefore have a higher threshold for when government interference is justified.

      There will always be loud idiots in every school of thought and segment of society. It’s generally not a good idea to judge a loosely classified group by the worst of its members.

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