• Rayceeya

    Ouch, that fail made my head hurt.

  • I can only hope he’s this bad at scamming people after he’s warmed them up too. What an unlikable troll of a man.

  • Dan

    Funny how he realizes he’s failing and takes a shot at her. “Were you divorced? Never married? Oh I’m not surprised”

  • Mike K

    Amazing that he knew a woman in her 70’s had a dead father.

    • I was shocked that a catholic ceremony would have a picture of the virgin mary. How could he know that???

      • niel

        I’m also shocked that he knew someone named margaret-mary was catholic. maaaan, he’s good!

  • Damn. I love watching videos of these arseholes falling on their faces, But unfortunately, living in China, a different set of arseholes have blocked my access to these video clips.

    • Get a VPN client. I was frustrated by not being able to watch the vids on this blog (I’ve been in China for a month), but since a couple days ago I’ve been enjoying them again. Took me some time to find a good vpn thou (try Your-Freedom).
      Great Firewall, suck my balls.

  • CPR

    Hahaha… oh dear. Failing aside, this is actually a great example of how cold reading works. He’s pulling out all the clich├ęs, (common names, objects and illnesses), but he’s not even trying to seem spiritual/mystical.

    Oddly, he’s doing the world a service.

    Derren Brown could do a far better job and then turn around and tell the world (and this dick) that he just made it all up.