1. Defend a little something our country is famous for? Since when has there been free speech in America? Fucking christians spend more time trying to censor us than muslims. Wake up Americans don’t listen to this mohamed hate propaganda…

    1. Its much more than simple hate mohammed propaganda, I think this country has bowed down to fear long enough with these people. It shouldn’t be acceptable to bad mouth any religion, actually. People should keep their stupid fucking beliefs to them selves and not jam it down everyones throat, weather it be religious or sexual or whatever, as well as respecting everyone else’s opinion.

      1. If you’re talking about social disapproval, fine. You shouldn’t fart in company, you should turn your head sideling when spitting at table, you shouldn’t be offensive when it comes to the personal beliefs of others insofar as those beliefs do not impinge upon the rights and freedoms of others. Coolio. I’m all for good manners.

        Seek to make offending people over their beliefs punishable under law or by vigilante justice and I’ll join those who want to piss over effigies of whatever you hold sacred.

        There is no right not to be offended.

  2. Luvbeers, I agree with half of what you’re saying. On the other hand, you don’t see Jehovah’s Witnesses shooting filmmakers in the face because they didn’t like a movie.

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