1. Cripes. If they designed something like this that used some sort of eye-tracking magic it’d be a cracking gadget. I can already think of a dozen amazing scenes I’ll never see in my lifetime that’d be bliss to wake up to and so on. Great stuff for those of us living in less-than-beautiful areas.

  2. Of course, what they don’t mention is that there is a corresponding “window” on the outside of your house that shows passers-by a scene of you walking around inside your house in your underwear…

  3. I saw this clip yesterday. For the first few minutes I thought it was a fake and they were just looking through real windows from inside a house that actually has a view of the Golden Gate bridge.

    I’ve seen people string together a series of flat screens for a static outdoor image, but never one with panoramic perspective.

  4. It’s cool, but it seems like the first step toward the world’s eventual dystopian hellscape. Soon the TV will be updated to keep tabs on you 24/7 and then an arm will be added that can give you a sweet THX1138 handjob.

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