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Day April 19, 2010

More from Eyjafjallajokull

From The Big Picture:

As ash from Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano continued to keep European airspace shut down over the weekend, affecting millions of travelers around the world, some government agencies and airlines clashed over the flight bans. Some restricted airspace is now beginning to open up and some limited flights are being allowed now as airlines are pushing for the ability to judge safety conditions for themselves. The volcano continues to rumble and hurl ash skyward, if at a slightly diminished rate now, as the dispersing ash plume has dropped closer to the ground, and the World Health Organization has issued a health warning to Europeans with respiratory conditions. Collected here are some images from Iceland over the past few days.

A Transcript of an Argument I Had With My GPS Last Night

Mrs. C and I went out last night and had dinner at a sushi place. I wasn’t familiar with the area but we had to stop at a supermarket after dinner. I found one with my iPhone and entered the address into my car’s GPS. Here’s the transcript of the last leg of the trip:

GPS: Go right in 200 feet.
(We go 200 feet)
GPS: Go right.
Me: Ok.
GPS: When possible, make a U-turn.
(Makes U turn)
GPS: When possible, make a U-turn.
(Drives a little bit down the road)
GPS: When possible make a U-turn.
Me: FINE! FINE! We’ll make ANOTHER U-Turn.
(Makes U-turn)
GPS: When possible, make a U-Turn.
Me: FUCK YOU! Two U-Turns make a circle. Are you OBTUSE?
GPS: When possible, make a U-Turn.
Mrs. C: Can you pull over. I want to get out.
GPS: When possible, make a U-turn.

Winscape: The Virtual Window

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Christ, What an Asshole

Apparently, “Christ, What an Asshole,” is the punchline for every single comic ever made. (It’s the punchline for this blog as well and probably life in general. There, we’ve figured out the meaning of life.)

Curry Cat

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Creepy Clip of the Day

An old Canadian game show from the 80s Called Just Like Mom, hosted by husband and wife team Fergie Olver and Catherine Swift.

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I’m A Teabagger For Jesus

How To Get a Baboon To Tell You a Secret

And Animals Are Beautiful People goes to the top of my Netflix queue.

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Ah Heet Ahcelahnd!

The Most Ridiculous Detention Slips Of All Time

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