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Man attacks dog for being racist.

YONKERS — A black man who had grown tired of the incessant barking of a dog that reportedly dislikes minorities was arrested Monday night after he slashed its face, police said.

The German shepherd lost an eye, and the suspect — who worked for an oil delivery business where the dog stood guard — was arrested on a felony aggravated cruelty charge. He also was charged with fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon, a misdemeanor.

Andrew Owens, 58, was arraigned Tuesday in City Court after spending the night in jail. He admitted to the crime, police said.


  1. i don’t know much about dogs (besides that they are needy and messy and like to stare at me while i watch tv or eat and are just generally irritating to me) but my old room mate says that dogs that are used to white people are frightened of black people, and vice versa.

    she (is a vet-tech) said they had a dog in the pound that was terrified and violent towards all of her white co-workers, but when a black delivery man came in the dog was nice as rain, and jumped in his arms and wanted to go home with him.

  2. Persecution syndrome much?

    I might be a tad cynical also, but I love dogs, they don’t hide anything to anyone. They are honest. I’m sad this dude was deranged enough to read racism in barks.

  3. I think the story is ridiculous, but I have to admit that my dog is scared of black people too.
    I think it has to do with being able to distinguish facial features, though. For example, if you stand in the shade, or wear a hoodie, baseball cap, long bangs, big scarf etc, that prevents him from easily identifying your facial features, he freaks out and barks. He therefore does the same thing to people with very dark skin.
    Doesn’t give you the right to stab him in the eye just because he’s a big wuss with poor vision, though.

  4. My dog is afraid of any “big” person that towers over him. This was probably just a huge dude that the dog saw as a threat. Either that, or the dog could just sense that he was a psycho.

  5. Here’s the deal: dogs react to black people because of their smell. Dark skin people sweat more because they absorb more sun light, so they have to sweat to keep their body heat under control.
    Since dogs have a very developed sense of smell they react to the strong scent they feel.
    It has nothing to do with with the color of the skin, actually most dogs are almost color blind.

    1. It’s true that dogs are (nearly) color-blind, but they can still tell differences in shades and hues. Otherwise they would just see everything in one “color” and would essentially be blind. For example, you can still a person’s skin color in a black and white movie.

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