1. i like that the tagline is “100% medically accurate”

    anyway this movie looks just delightful, have you seen the trailer for “splice”?

  2. I saw this at last years FrightFest in London, UK. Its awesome. Prompted an immediate debate on who you would want in your trio and where you would want them 🙂

  3. It has a pretty interesting wiki page (just skip the “plot” section if you don’t want to read spoilers) – explains the “100% Medically Accurate” quote as:

    “Throughout the production process Tom Six stated his intention to create a film that was “100% medically accurate”,[15] consulting a real-life surgeon during the creation and filming process.[16] Six has claimed that whilst initially reluctant to take part in the film because of professional reputation, after reading the script the surgeon consulted took a very strong interest in the procedure, devising a method that he believed would work in real life.”

    And, although it doesn’t mention it in the wiki, I would be surprised if Tom Six wasn’t also inspired – at least a little – by the 1963 novel “The Collector” by John Fowles (a total mind-f*ck of a book, to be sure).

  4. Wouldn’t like to see the results of the poop coming out the third hole. It’s like some freaky scat show. Tudor’s debate has sparked here also…
    who do you want at the rear, that’d be the worst spot.. I think

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