1. If you can get your hand that far in the door, that means the chain is taut at the wrong end of the catch, and no way to keep your hand inside while closing the door in order to slacken the chain to the other end of the catch.

  1. Yep, the slidy-thing is in the wrong place. This won’t work on door chains not installed by morons, and also won’t work on doors with normal doorknobs.

    In other words, I’m not expecting a rash of burglaries with only a rubber band for evidence…

  2. Of course, you first have to unlock the deadbolt on the door handle itself. Once you have that done you might as well just kick the door in. Since the chain can only be locked from the inside, that would mean someone’s already inside to hear all the noise anyway.

      1. Yeah, someone once told me that the sole purpose of the chain is to prove forced entry. They are very weak. But I stay in a lot of hotels and fortunately I haven’t seen a chain in a long, long time.

  3. I just spent the last month in hotels in New Zealand and Australia and none of them had chain type anti-invasion security. They all looked like the set up Chris has in the second photo above. One thing I can say about that set up is that is if you forget you’ve slid the metal bar over the matching grooved piece, and try to walk out of the room, you’ll take about one half a step and meet the door with your nose! Only did it twice!

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