• Erich Schrempp

    The Slim Pickins Fats Waller Sessions.

  • Laurel and Hardy Unplugged

    • LOL. 1 billion points!

  • “Perfect 10” by the Swedish Bikini Team Rejects.

  • jb

    Fat Boy Slim

    • gruggach

      HAHA! Perfect!

  • Hiroshima Blues by Fat Man and Little Boy

    • dang

      You beat me to it!

  • “Let’s Go Swimming!” with the Chick Magnets

  • Dale

    Opposites Attract.

  • dang

    Continental Drift

  • Dale

    Before And After: The Musical

  • ange

    Awkward Swim Lessons

  • anonymous

    aaaah, this is how you cheat:



    cynically yours,


    • Nicely done! Zero points. Sorry. Them’s the rules.

  • Ryno68

    Rush Limbaugh and Bill Nye: Global Warming Debate and other greatest hits

    • err


  • Mike K

    The Complete Elvis Presley Anthology

    • rs

      Haha 10 brownie points

  • jen

    Biggie Smalls

  • GT

    Super Size Me – The Soundtrack

  • Journey of Love: Celine Dion and RenĂ© AngĂ©lil’s honeymoon soundgtrack

  • Lucy

    Before and after: Who’s more pixels, boy?

  • outeast

    Battle of the Bulges

  • flychinook

    Jake and the Fat Man
    Music from the hit television show

  • Mike K

    Two and a Half Men (Music from another hit television show)

  • Stan

    Is that purple thing between us the time line

  • parclair

    How to be a Sumo wrestler in 10 easy lessons

  • DonPon

    Harvey Matusow’s Jew’s Harp Band War Between Fats and Thins

  • Clairedammit

    All My Coworkers

    (no, really, I think those guys are my co-workers)