• dang

    Good grief. I can’t believe the host was remotely respectful to that caller, let alone “understanding his frustration”.

  • Blake

    ohhh he sounds smart.

  • Disturbing and sobering that there’s such a gap and racism is still so intertwined in segments of our society.

    I’m with Dang about the host, an ignorant repub racist is disgusting, but the robotic response from the host was unexpected. I realize CSPAN doesn’t exist to ignite controversy, but that response was pretty unbelievable.

  • Mike K

    What year is this again? Give them black folks their own line to call in. Just install the phone right next to their separate water fountains, far from the voting booths where they ain’t allowed anyway.

    As far as the host’s reaction, I think he handled it the right way. He didn’t play in to the hate game. He just let the guy make an ass of himself and of his party. It’s been said that you can’t argue with people like that caller – they just bring you down to their dipshit level and beat you with experience.

  • Justin

    I agree that it was a good play by the host to let the caller drown himself for a full minute and a half, but the response from the host has got to be nothing other than a full reprisal.

    America the country is beyond this kind of thing. Racism is every bit as incorrect as if the caller had said, “I believe 1+1=89, the government is controlled by Venusians, and Joe Biden died and was replaced with a Joe Biden cardboard cutout 12 years ago.” The host wouldn’t have shown respectful deference for that kind of thing, just as he shouldn’t have shown it for the equally illogical “white and black people have different worth and should be kept separate.” Host fail. Fuck that guy.

  • Lauren

    I actually agree with how the host handled it… racist or not, the Republican might have had a point. If you have a Republican call line, and Democrats are on it, then that has got to be annoying.

    The whole democrats = black = I’ve got to move out of the country because dem blacks are taking over, however, is repulsive.

  • The guy had a valid point about Dems calling on the republican line, too bad he nullified that point with his racism.