1. If were to ever believe in something strong enough to stand outside waving some crudely made sign in the air you can be damned sure that I’d do some research before hand and be able to answer any and all questions on the subject without looking like an idiot.

  2. Here’s a summary:
    Tea bagger- Blah blah blah
    Interviewer – Do you know what you’re talking about?
    Tea bagger – No. Blah blah blah…

  3. Hm, guess I must not have walked home that day. Last few days there have been only one or two ‘protesters’ at the Capitol. I walk to my apartment up the mall, past one side of the Capitol and around the front past the Supreme Court, and today there was only two ladies holding a poorly spelled sign. They only seem to make it out en mass when the circus is going by.

  4. America, I like your TV shows, your movies and music. I LOVE your humor. I like your ideal of freedom, your sprawling metropolises and endless highways. I even like your fast food. I think your language is cool and prefer your pronunciation and spelling over that of the British. I respect your contributions to science and your amazing technological inventions. Your universities are some of the best in the world. I like your laid-back attitude and generally think you are open and friendly people. I will never forget that you helped freeing Europe from Hitler’s regime. And I wish the constitution of my country was half as thorough as yours.

    But you let your people get way too stupid. Seriously, those people aren’t manipulated by some oppressive regime or dictator. They CHOOSE to be stupid. It gives them comfort. And seems to be perfectly acceptable in large parts of your society. This is an embarrassment for humanity. Do you wonder why the world hates you, despite loving all the things from the first paragraph? Well, all you need to know can be found in the video.
    Alright, yes, you can go around with a mic in Europe or Japan and interview protesters to make them look stupid. But there are shades of stupid… certain not-so-subtle variations. And this is just blindingly stupid. Even the most fanatic protester should be able to spill out a few factual tidbits and logical coherent arguments. If you would discuss this with a half-educated libertarian, he at least would bring up an argument, ANY argument, no matter how naive or unsubstantial it would be. But those people do not even see the NEED to be able to do that. You know, if trapped in a corner, looking like a fool, they should at least be embarrassed. But they aren’t. THE PROBLEM WITH THIS CLIP IS THAT THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT EVEN EMBARRASSED WHEN FACING THEIR OWN IGNORANCE. How can you possibly be that stubborn? I just can’t wrap my mind around how disturbing this is. I recently watched “The Vice Guide to North Korea” (google it, it’s excellent). Yet this clip, filmed in the capital of the “freest country on earth” is to me more startling than even the most bizarre North Korea bit. North Koreans might be uneducated, malnourished and brainwashed… but they are not STUPID. And that should scare both the US and the world.

    1. It’s the bell curve, man. You’ll always find some people willing to take absurd, idiotic positions, even in your country, wherever it is.

      We just happen to have a history / culture of fierce individualism and protest, which makes these people more vocal and gives them more of a sense of entitlement to demonstrate their (sometimes hilariously misinformed) beliefs.

      So, chill chill…no reason to address that letter to “America”–I’m glad we’re individualistic and can freely protest. Even if it means putting up with these clowns.

  5. The problem isn’t health care, it’s partisan politics.
    Imagine if Microsoft and Apple had to work together to build one operating system that would be the only OS anyone could use.

    In that metaphor the operating system is our country, and the two competing companies are Reps and Dems -both with entirely opposite priorities – trying to run the same business, while each trying to keep their own “business” on top of the company.

    Is there ANY question why this country is at a standstill?

    @ hoff: I’m an American and I’ve been saying that for years. To the rest of the world we must look like spoiled brats that don’t know a good thing when they have it.

    1. > The problem isn’t health care, it’s partisan politics.

      Yup. I think it’s clear from the clip that they would be against any healthcare reform coming from Democrats. The right-wing media makes sure to spin it so that Democrats are always doing something evil and bad. As a result, the people who follow the right-wing media automatically oppose whatever the Democrats back – because if the evil Democrats support it then it *must* be bad. It’s about undermining trust and demonizing the Democrats. Once you do that, then you don’t need to dwell on any of the particulars.

  6. This bill is worse than no bill at all. It is basically a subsidy for big pharma for billions and locks them in for good. It locks them in and locks the prospect of public option OUT. It is bullshit and is being passed more so Obama and the Democrats don’t have to publicly “lose.”

    1. How about getting rid of pre-existing conditions exemptions? Extending health care to millions of people who don’t have it? Saving billions over the next decade, compared with it not being enacted (CBO figures)?

      Also, how does it “lock out” a public option?

      Yes, I want more. Yes the democrats now have a political need to pass it. But I think this is a damn sight better than nothing. And I certainly think if this passes, it will be much easier to make changes to it in the future than it would be to start from scratch.

      1. It boils down to an enormous taxpayer subsidy of (private) big business. I’m talking about the pharmaceutical companies and the insurance companies. This ocean of dollars will ensure the status quo for years and years to come and will not be easier than starting from scratch. And…the bill also specifically prohibits any state from offering their own “private option.”

        This was what Kuchinich was so outraged about and tried to put in–he ended up getting nothing that he wanted in the bill.

        Here’s a little secret, George: both the Democrats and the Republicans both represent capitalist interests. Don’t be so short-sighted and scold anyone who doesn’t seem grateful for a crumb, these are not crumbs anyway.

        I am not against compromise, but if this is a first step it is a first step in the wrong direction. It is a step in the direction toward more taxpayer money to prop up huge private business.

        Oh well. I guess we shouldn’t complain and be grateful for what we got. By the way–prisoners (who have free health care and free food) should start showing some appreciation too. That’s long overdue.

  7. The problem isn’t health care, it’s partisan politics.

    No, the problem is access to health care. I’m fine with partisanship. Absolute unanimity in the halls of power would be a far graver threat to freedom than the existence of the partisan divide (that said, I think we could do with two or even three more parties in America).

    1. Maybe I wasn’t clear. What I meant is that the problem isn’t a question of whether we need better health care (we do), it’s the gridlock of jackassery in D.C. that’s holding things up. The politicians are too concerned with pleasing their own parties and getting reelected. 300 million Americans will be impacted by this and it’s being decided by a handful of people that will NEVER have to worry about its effects outside of the voting booth.

  8. I don’t know much about the specific bill. I should know more.
    But if you don’t KNOW the facts (Fox does not equal facts), all of them, then keep your mouth shut.
    People just end up looking dumb, because they don’t know what they are fighting for or against. They just regurgitate a few “facts” they heard from one side.

    Be smart, ask questions.

  9. The really sad part is that when they get sick under the reformed system they will be the first ones demanding all the benefits it offers.

  10. they say they dont want the government to take over health care, but I have a sneaking suspicion that all those protesters are enjoying their medicare and social security benefits! (and why are they all white?)

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