• the lord


  • la Cour

    That prince of foods: the muffin!

  • Electric Funeral


    unless its ice cream cake, than that trumps everything

  • tvc15

    Cake is pretty limited, flavored cake covered with a tasty but disconcerting fat and sugar spread called icing.

    Pies. Variety: Apple, Cherry, Pumpkin, Chocolate, Key Lime, Shoo Fly, Blackberry, Lemon Meringue, Sweet Potato, Shepard’s etc. Not even a fair fight.

  • pie

  • Wendall

    pie, please! (preferably dutch apple, wait, no…apricot…or maybe key lime…coconut cream…blackberry…)

  • Cake is more practical in emergencies. If you jump from a burning building into pie, it’s all liquid–that’s like hitting a swimming pool, which is like hitting cement. Cake is like a cushion. Like landing on a sponge. Especially if it’s sponge cake.

    • Not if you jump into a meringue pie!

  • Tyler

    PIE! Hands-down.
    You can find cake anywhere, but pie is always a treat.

  • @Abbi – What if the person is on fire? Wouldn’t you rather pencil dive into a giant pie at 46mph than a sponge cake? I’d need a cigarette at that point, and pie goes really well with coffee and cigarettes.

  • drea

    How is this even a debate? PIE FTW!!!!

  • Marlea


  • mrclam

    Pie (if you can include pizza and meat pies)

  • Meg

    CAKE!! I have to say, cake is perfectly acceptable for Halloween and Christmas. I love every bite of a piece of cake, but pie crust? Crust on the top AND bottom? Whose idea was that? The one and only possible exception to the superiority of cake is pumpkin pie.

  • You! Cake or death?

    • Piri

      eeeh, cake please

      That was really funny Chris, thanks for posting

  • Well, I guess this is the question of the day.

  • And cake is really just the delivery system for frosting.

    And frosting > than any pie filling.

    • Electric Funeral

      It really depends on the icing, sometimes you get that nasty icing that tastes really fake and bland, usually the kind they make those flowery/frilly details on the edge of the cake

      • Good point. I should have specified buttercream.

  • J.


  • Pie! Cherry! Apple! Pizza! Kidney!

    And is it just me, or are Hostess Fruit Pies getting smaller every time I see them?

  • Harb

    If it’s good, pie takes the cake!

  • err

    they both have their merits, im not partial to either.

  • RogerAF

    Pie (peach-raspberry or rhubarb)

  • parclair


  • Verdugo13

    Cheesecake, which is actually more like pie.

  • Verdugo13: I agree, it should be called cheesepie. But just for its level of kickassery that dwarfs everything else, cheesecake should have its own separate, exclusive category, called “Chernobyl-of-flavor pastry”.

    Btw that blog is pure awesomeness. I think I’m in love with the author (she’s both cute and crazy).

    • That comment put me into a rage and I threw my chair at the wall while declaring you a traitor….. Then I realized that I only saw that one post. I went back and you’re right….. That blog is awesome. Which makes me a traitor…. With a broken chair.

      • If that is of some comfort, may I say that Cynical-C is up there with J-Walk, Bad Astronomy, Pharyngula, The Big Picture and nciku (I’m learning Chinese) in my bookmarks toolbar, permanently visible. Everything else is in my RSS reader which I visit only when I think of it.
        But I still totally dig that girl and her blog. She invented the pregnant-dog-belly emoticon! (::::)

  • DreamDevil


  • Ack

    Difficult choice… although I have some ecstatic memories of some Bavarian cakes I’ve consumed when I Iived there a decade ago. The cheesecakes there were like dreampies…..ohhh to live there again just for the sweets…

  • I love both, but there are more kinds of pie I love.

    Check these out: http://scienceblogs.com/seed/2010/03/introducing_the_ten_finalists.php

  • carolyn

    cake over pie – but just barely….. i love them both!

  • Much as I’d like to side with Pie people seem only to be thinking of those horrible sponge & icing affairs of the sort you get in the supermarket when talking of Cake. There’s so much more than that.

    • I have to agree. French cakes are amazing, especially those from Brittany.

  • Chris

    So cakey inside

  • albert maas

    Let them eat cake so I can have all the pie.

  • justine

    definitely cake. pie is nice but between the two, a slice of strawberry cheese cake is what will make my day.

  • DreamDevil