1. Cake is pretty limited, flavored cake covered with a tasty but disconcerting fat and sugar spread called icing.

    Pies. Variety: Apple, Cherry, Pumpkin, Chocolate, Key Lime, Shoo Fly, Blackberry, Lemon Meringue, Sweet Potato, Shepard’s etc. Not even a fair fight.

  2. Cake is more practical in emergencies. If you jump from a burning building into pie, it’s all liquid–that’s like hitting a swimming pool, which is like hitting cement. Cake is like a cushion. Like landing on a sponge. Especially if it’s sponge cake.

  3. @Abbi – What if the person is on fire? Wouldn’t you rather pencil dive into a giant pie at 46mph than a sponge cake? I’d need a cigarette at that point, and pie goes really well with coffee and cigarettes.

  4. CAKE!! I have to say, cake is perfectly acceptable for Halloween and Christmas. I love every bite of a piece of cake, but pie crust? Crust on the top AND bottom? Whose idea was that? The one and only possible exception to the superiority of cake is pumpkin pie.

    1. It really depends on the icing, sometimes you get that nasty icing that tastes really fake and bland, usually the kind they make those flowery/frilly details on the edge of the cake

  5. Verdugo13: I agree, it should be called cheesepie. But just for its level of kickassery that dwarfs everything else, cheesecake should have its own separate, exclusive category, called “Chernobyl-of-flavor pastry”.

    Btw that blog is pure awesomeness. I think I’m in love with the author (she’s both cute and crazy).

    1. That comment put me into a rage and I threw my chair at the wall while declaring you a traitor….. Then I realized that I only saw that one post. I went back and you’re right….. That blog is awesome. Which makes me a traitor…. With a broken chair.

      1. If that is of some comfort, may I say that Cynical-C is up there with J-Walk, Bad Astronomy, Pharyngula, The Big Picture and nciku (I’m learning Chinese) in my bookmarks toolbar, permanently visible. Everything else is in my RSS reader which I visit only when I think of it.
        But I still totally dig that girl and her blog. She invented the pregnant-dog-belly emoticon! (::::)

  6. Difficult choice… although I have some ecstatic memories of some Bavarian cakes I’ve consumed when I Iived there a decade ago. The cheesecakes there were like dreampies…..ohhh to live there again just for the sweets…

  7. Much as I’d like to side with Pie people seem only to be thinking of those horrible sponge & icing affairs of the sort you get in the supermarket when talking of Cake. There’s so much more than that.

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