1. Really looking forward to this. It seems like HBO has a potential Renaissance with some of its new shows/miniseries – Treme, Boardwalk Empire, the Pacific, Game of Thrones (for which I really cannot wait, even if there’s no chance it ever lasts more than two seasons, partly due to expense and partly because the books’ author refuses to finish the series).

    HBO’s gone through a down period since the Sopranos and the Wire ended….hopefully these new shows make it worth buying.

    1. Homicide: Life on the Street and The Wire share a lot of the same crew, notably David Simon and Clark Johnson. There are many similarities between both shows. The Wire really benefited from being an HBO series (shorter seasons let them really focus on the plot, no filler episodes) but I think Homicide will always be my favorite. Love the characters in Homicide, and their interaction. I highly, highly recommend Homicide (except maybe the last season, blah).

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