1. i had a little star trek marathon a couple weekends ago and watched 1,2 and 3 consecutively.

        keeping the marathon concept alive i got the old stepfather movies with terry o’quinn (locke, from lost) for this weekend.

      2. You just reminded me. I have Mad Men s2 coming in from Netflix today… Not sure I can watch a marathon of that and not feel like I’m coming down with lung cancer or cirrhosis though. I’ll stick with Clint and Sergio.

  1. I will be sneaking out of work early. Then I will be off to “my church’s” fish fry (I use the phrase “my church” loosely since the only time I go is for fish dinners…Lent is good for something!). After that, it’ll be a lot of yelling at my kids for sport and then maybe catch up on my DVRed shows from this week.

  2. I will be getting off work, only to go to my second job and work till almost midnight. And because of lent, I will no doubt be cursing like a sailor all night because people will be ordering the Cod like crazy.

  3. I’ll be announcing the Friday night boxing show in Second Life as usual. Then bed. Coz I only got four hours’ sleep last night and I don’t bounce back from that like I did 20 years ago.

      1. More or less, yeah, except typing and not speaking (using voice in SL tends to create lag, which is not welcome during a match). And I studiously avoid saying “let’s get ready to rumble” because Buffer is notoriously litigious. One might reasonably argue that our little SL operation would be beneath his notice, but you never know.

  4. Probably head down to my favorite little haunt, wash down the free pizza with a few bevies. Shoot the bull, flirt with the lassies.
    Maybe catch some March madness or a hockey game?
    (sounds boring eh?)

  5. What I have been doing for the past several Friday nights, and all nights really. I will be getting my insides kicked around while simultaneously enjoying flaming heartburn, both courtesy of my unborn son, while trying to sit comfortably on my couch. Oh the joys of motherhood.

  6. I work until about 9 PM tonight. After that, I might stop off at the Eagles Hall (the bar, naturally) for a pint. Most likely, I’ll just head home and write write write (because I can’t *not* for some reason).

    To me, a couch and unscheduled tv-time sounds like a dream…

  7. I am lookin forward to spending my evening in the Kingdom of Hyrule…it seems that the twilight realm has corrupted parts of Hyrule…and I (Link) must save the Kingdom from the evil usurper!..hehehehe

  8. Depending on the weather we might be driving across the state to pick up my cat’s ashes who passed two weeks ago. Otherwise I’ll clean and watch my husband play Final Fantasy 13.

      1. Thanks very much damnedyankee. It was unexpected and so that much more difficult. This is the first pet I’ve lost as an adult and he’s been with my husband and I our whole relationship. We miss him very much 🙁

  9. Was hoping to go to the Ice Park (Fairbanks Ice Festival is happening) but may put that off till tomorrow. Ma’ honey and I are putting an arts and crafts project together for ‘lil Ack. He’s getting into into anything that has stickers and pictures of trucks.

  10. I went to Mandarin for my sisters’ birthday. I ate several heaping plates of delicious buffet food and drank cocktails with silly little umbrellas.

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