Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Congrats to our good friend, Abbi Crutchfield, and her new kitten, Max:

This is the best thing he does. He’s not humping it like a maniac, he is merely enjoying the subtle flavors and textures of duck, quite like anyone who is too pretentious to order chicken.

He’s only known us for a day. His previous owner needed to find a good home for him. Failing that she gave him to us. He nibbles corners of beach towels until he falls asleep. He passes the same gas used for U.S. Army grenades. He grunts a lot, so my dream of owning a potbellied pig has come true. If I could just train him to root for truffles, I’ll have a winner.


  1. It looks like he’s slowly swallowing it whole, like a python would. Soon he’ll have a duck-shaped belly and sleep for three weeks while digesting it.

  2. @ Cornjob: LOL

    @ dang: Yes. Now every time I squeeze Max’s tummy, it squeaks.

    @ Angry Sam: It’s called an English Bullcat. They were originally bred to take down bulls with their large jaws, and now they have evolved to do it with their flatulence.

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