Chatroulette Map

From Laughing Squid (The LS link is fine but Chatroulette Map is NSFW):

Chatroulette Map is a project that is grabbing the IP addresses of users, along with a screenshot, and then using Geo IP tools to pinpoint them roughly on the map. The site relies on the fact that Chatroulette connects users directly to each other (assumedly in an effort to save bandwidth) and in doing so exposes IP addresses. Most of the screenshots are safe and entertaining, but there are a few of those Not-Safe-For-Work ones mixed in. The site is also a great way to see a small sampling of the concentration of users around the world.

(via Waxy)


  1. OK, I’ve had enough. They should rename it Wankroulette.
    Other than the grossout it’s a bit sad to see how unimaginative people are. Also the ratio of dick-flashing seems constant in all cultures.
    I did find a shirtless girl though: check out western Norway. Kind of a miracle.

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