• Great, now I’ve got a taste for the stuff. I’ll have to stop at the grocery store on the way home and pick up some Kim Chee.

  • Bisu

    Actually gramma is just shown making seasoning for the kim chee. Though I was surprised to see her stuff whole cabbages into the jar.

    Who knew that the healthy way is to let your food ferment, rather than to deep fry it.

  • Dan

    Fuck yeah that was cool thanks for posting Chris

  • Leo

    I live in Korea. the stuff is AMAZING once you get over the initial shock… I can’t live without it now. I still miss southern cooking (I’m from Georgia), but having a Korean grandmother-in-law certainly gives me access to the dozens of different kimchis there are!

    • “the stuff is AMAZING once you get over the initial shock”

      So true!
      The first time I encountered it- decades ago- I thought it was gross. Now I can’t imagine life without it. Great stuff.

  • I LOVE Kimchi!

    I’m making it.

  • Out here in the sticks, the only way to get all those ingredients is to drive a few hours. I’ve never ordered fresh food by mail. But we have a Chinese buffet that serves pretty good kim chee! Yeah, I know, but they serve curry and pizza as well -go figure. I don’t go to buffets anymore, but I bet they would prepare me a take out order.

  • justine

    as much as i love kimchi… i think i’ll let the ones in the know make it for me. cool vid though.