Question of the Day

What are the first five songs that come up when you hit shuffle on your iPod (or other mp3 player)?

Here are mine:
1. Bach Cello Suite No. 2 – Yo Yo Ma
2. I’ve Got a Feeling – The Beatles
3. Beethoven Sonata Op 57 – Performed by Horowitz
4. When You’ve Got a Good Friend – Robert Johnson
5. Where or When – Sinatra.


  1. 1. Rocker’s HiFi – Kruder and Dorfmeister
    2. Give it Away – Zero 7
    3. Summer in the City – Regina Spektor
    4. Weekend of Sin – Rinocerose
    5. Nightlite – Bonobo

    Not really an accurate depiction of what is on my Ipod… but it is the first five.

  2. 1. Casually Sad Mercedes – Calypso
    2. Screaming Hunger – Lee Rocker
    3. Tennessee – Arrested Development
    4. Shining – MTC (on the Buddha Lounge sampler)
    5. Moon Faced and Starry Eyed – Benny Goodman

  3. 1. I just can’t stop – Michael Jackson
    2. Inward Singing – Tenacious D
    3.Opae e – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
    4.Tattered And Torn – Slipknot
    5.Wild Horses (Acoustic) – Stone Sour

  4. Gamma Ray – Beck
    Karma Police – Radiohead
    Hail, Hail – Pearl Jam
    The Plot – White Rabbits
    Between Us And Them – Moving Units

  5. Time To Pretend – MGMT
    Out At Sea – Heartless Bastards
    Day ‘N’ Nite – Kid Cudi
    War Pigs – Cake
    Love is Noise – Verve

  6. Percussion Gun — White Rabbit
    The Bear————– The Antlers
    Horchata—————Vampire Weekend
    What do You want the girl to do–Lowell George
    These Days———–Greg Allman

    1. I’m happy to see that multiple people had The Antlers come up; if you haven’t had a chance to check out Hospice, do so NOW. All in all it looks like a pretty good mix. Here’s mine:

      Abbaon Fat Track – Tricky
      From The Day That You Were Born – Pop Levi
      The Moon – Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova
      Mute Superstar – Guided By Voices
      I LIve With You – Grizzly Bear

  7. Led Zeppelin – No Quarter
    George Harrison – Beware of Darkness
    Xavier Rudd – Introduction
    Buck 65 – Le 65isme
    Joel Plaskett – Beyond, Beyond, Beyond

  8. Crucif*cks — Our will be done
    Singing Loins – Working for the Agency
    Serge Gainsbourg – Valse De Melody
    The Revolutionaries – Roots Man Dub
    Moondog – Enough About Human Rights

  9. Wonderlust King – Gogol Bordello
    Sniper at the Gates of Heaven – Black Angels
    Guns of Brixton – (cover by) Dropkick Murphys
    Dig My Grave – They Might Be Giants
    Wide-Eyed Girl on the Wall – Small Faces

  10. I Still Miss Someone – Johnny Cash
    Warlocks – Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Lullabye – Ben Folds Five
    Hello Dolly – Populaires
    Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (Anthology version) – Beatles

  11. Somebody to Love – Anne Hathaway (from Ella Enchanted)
    Nobody Told Me – John Lennon
    Across the Univers – The Beatles
    Messy – Cas Haley
    Sway – Michael Buble

  12. How Soon Is Now – The Smiths
    Explosivo – Tenacious D
    Cruel Sun – Rusted Root
    Love, Hate, Love – Alice in Chains
    Palimpset – (Smog)

    –actually a good representation of my musical preferences.

  13. Mine are:
    Dreams Shine Through – Neil Innes
    Road, River and Rail – Cocteau Twins
    Confusion [pump panel construction mix] – New Order
    The Last Dance – Mike Jones (the jazz guy not the rapper)
    Only This Moment – Royskopp

  14. Let’s see …
    Love is – Pilot
    Railroad Man – Eels
    Within You Without You – The Beatles
    Let’s Go – The Ramones
    Waiting for the Bus – Violent Femmes
    … that was nice.

  15. Honky Tonk Woman – Rolling Stones
    The Millionaire Waltz – Queen
    Moby Dick – Led Zeppelin
    Eye of the Tiger – Survivor
    Atomic – Blondie

  16. 1. Skating in Central Park -Bill Evans & Jim Hall
    2. Omegaman -The Police
    3. Capriccio (from Partita No.2 by J.S.Bach) -Glenn Gould
    4. Desperado -The Eagles
    5. I Don’t Wanna Lose You -Daryl Hall & John Oates

  17. 1. The Cave – Mumford & Sons
    2. Marching to Mars – Sammy Hagsar
    3. Next Big Thing – Material Issue
    4. Blitzkrieg Bop – The Ramones (I SWEAR!!!!)
    5. Dirty Girl – Bruce Kulick (formerly of KISS) and probably the last thing The Knack’s Doug Fieger) recorded. Well worth a download. 🙂

  18. 1. the mr ed theme song
    2. the twilight zone theme song
    3. the patty duke theme song
    4. the mr belvedere theme song
    5. that was then and this too (the futurama “into the wild green yonder” theme song)

    …i’m just kidding, i don’t really have an ipod, and my mp3 player hath no shuffle function. i just think theme songs are funny.

  19. 1. Metal Storm/Face the Slayer – Slayer
    2. Rain – The Cult
    3. Touched – Vast
    4. Bloodhound Gang – Pac Man
    5. I Should Be Allowed To Think – They Might Be Giants

  20. Raising Sand – Robert Plant and Allison Krause
    Be the One – The Ting Tings
    And it Spread – The Avett Brothers
    Perdido – Duke Ellington (Digital Duke album)
    No Quarter – Led Zeppelin

  21. 1. “Working for Vacation” by Cibo Matto
    2. “Burning Down the House” by Tom Jones & the Cardigans
    3. “Cuz I’m Here” by Ruthie Foster
    4. “South Carolina” by Archers of Loaf
    5. “Somebody to Love” by Jefferson Airplane

  22. “Rotting Shellfish in the Sun” Two Loons for Tea
    “Adelita” Liona Boyd
    “The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song” The Flaming Lips
    “4_12_4” ProjeKct One
    “Witch Hunt” Rush

  23. Bob Dylan – Mr. Tambourine Man
    REM – its the End of the World
    The Trews – Not Ready to Go
    Kansas – Carry On Wayward Son
    The Wallflowers – Beautiful Side Of Somewhere

  24. Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1) – Pink FLoyd
    One in a Million – Guns And Roses
    Mr.Soul – Buffalo Springfield
    Bad Habits – Gongzilla
    Suicide Chump – Frank Zappa

  25. White Rabbits- Take A Walk Around The Table
    Weezer-Burndt Jamb
    Foo Fighters-Resolve
    The Smoking Popes-Megan

  26. The Fox – Sleater Kinney
    O Relogio – Os Mutantes
    Pardon Me – The Blow
    Immigrant Song – Led Zepplin
    Message in a Bottle – The Police

  27. May I kiss your wound? – Sopor Aeternus & the Enseble of Shadows
    Satayam Shivam Sundaram – Thievery Corporation
    Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) – Nancy Sinatra
    New family – Plaid
    More Than Rain – Tom Waits

  28. The Cat Empire – The Crowd
    Miriam Clancy – When I Do
    Ladyhawke – Morning Dreams
    Kate Nash – Nicest Thing
    Bob Seger – Against the Wind

    The first three are good antipodean (Aussie, NZ, NZ) artists 🙂

  29. I Me Mine – The Beatles
    Lecithin’s Tale of a DNA Experiment That Went Horribly Awry – Of Montreal
    Try to Understand – The Ganglians
    Epilogue – The Antlers
    Fireworks – Animal Collective

  30. “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel
    “They Always Come” by Dinosaur Jr.
    “Pop Zeus” by Robert Pollard
    “Green Shirt” by Elvis Costello
    “Four Day Interval” by Tortoise

  31. Last 5 played list-I always use shuffle.
    Sweet Jane – Phish Live in Vegas 10/31/98
    Secret Journey The Police Ghost In The Machine
    Harborcoat R.E.M. Reckoning
    The Bends Radiohead
    Come Out And Play Richard Cheese Lounge Against The Machine
    Next was
    Somebody’s Gotta Do It The Roots The Tipping Point

    Used Sharepod to let me copy and paste the songlist–anybody use that?

  32. “Blue On Black” Kenny Wayne Shepherd
    “Because The Night” Patti Smith
    “Forever My Friend” Ray LeMontagne
    “Throwing It All Away” Genesis
    “Wolf Like Me” TV On The Radio

  33. Bite Out of Life – Les Claypool
    Short People – Randy Newman
    Mother Puncher – Mastodon
    (Rap) Superstar – Cypress Hill
    The Foreigner Suite – Cat Stevens

  34. My Fist Your Face – Aerosmith
    No Substitue – Vinnie Vincent Invasion
    Mother’s Litte Helper – The Rolling Stones
    Coffee House – Warrant
    Downed – Cheap Trick

    Oh dear.

  35. I like this:

    1. Cigarettes wedding bands- Band of Horses
    2. A-Punk- Vampire Weekend
    3. Wings for Marie (Part I)- Tool
    4. Loser- Beck
    5. Little Cream Soda- The White Stripes

  36. 1. Crimes – A Perfect Circle
    2. The Nebbish Route – Shpongle
    3. Journey Songs – Xavier Rudd
    4. Hunted By A Freak – Mogwai
    5. Anyone Can Play Guitar – Radiohead

    Us cynics sure do have good taste in music.

  37. Some cynical bastard should make a spreadsheet outta these results. The number-crunching could be fascinating. Here are some preliminary observations:

    *Lots of: Zeppelin, Sinatra
    *Too much: Police, REM
    *Not enough: Tom Waits, Richard Cheese

  38. Nights Before – Blurt
    You’re Gonna Miss Me – 13th Floor Elevators
    Crooked Axis For String Quartet – Earth
    I’m Doing Well – Mr. Right & Mr. Wrong
    I’m a Man – Bo Diddley

  39. Yellow Magic Orchestra – Stairs
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – KV 601 Vier Menuette – Menuett G dur
    The Who – So Sad About Us
    King Crimson – The Night Watch
    Ludwig van Beethoven – Symphony nº8 in F major – Allegreto scherzando

  40. 1 – Beatles – Only a Northern Song
    2 – David Bowie – Suffragette City
    3 – Squeeze – Tempted
    4 – Bob Marley – We Will Be Forever
    5 – Eagles – Desperado (live)

    thanks for asking!

  41. Unknown – Lifehouse
    Living in a Bubble – Eiffel 65
    Arms of a Stranger – 12 Stones
    Closer – Kings of Leon
    Freeloader – Driftwood

    And while I’m writing this, Memory Gospel by Moby is playing…

  42. Oh, this one is easy, since I don’t have an iPod or MP3 player! When I want random music, I turn on a radio. My presets are 1. classic rock 2. oldies, 3. NPR and …I never set the other presets.

  43. Teenage Lobotomy – Ramones
    The Rose – Mudhoney
    Foot on the Gas – Sexpod
    Sally Brown – Bad Manners
    Turntable – Rancid

  44. Things Meant to Be——-Xavier Rudd
    Wots…Uh The Deal——-Pink Floyd
    Joy of My Life————–John Fogerty
    Collage———————–James Gang
    Where is My Mind———Pixies

  45. 1. Coattail Rider – The Supersuckers
    2. Some Kind of Hate – The Misfits
    3. Spiderman – the Ramones
    4. Blank Walls – Demise
    5. Break Stuff – Limp Bizkit

    I like this game. Turns out I must be really angry about something. I did a second time and it was all country songs, weird.

  46. 1. Robert Schumann: Album für die Jugend Op. 68 #34
    2. J. S. Bach: French Suite BWV 817; Sarabande
    3. Mozart: Piano Concerto # 14, 3: Allegro ma non troppo
    4. Alkan: Esquisse Op. 63 # 12
    5. Rautavaara: Ludus Verbalis; Personalia

    All classical. How very odd.

  47. EMF – Unbelievable
    The Stranglers – Relentless
    Jesus And Mary Chain – Sometimes Always
    X – Year One
    Public Enemy – Prophets of Rage

  48. Sista Rebecca – Jimmy Smith
    Avignon – Ravi Coltrane
    Sun – Norman Meehan (NZ Artist, used to be my Jazz History teacher)
    There Is No Greater Love – Miles Davis Quintet
    What’s New – Keith Jarret

    Wow, all jazz. kinda lame I guess

  49. Waste my time / Bullet
    Ship of fools / Erasure
    The letter / PJ Harvey
    Solen i ögonen / Lars Winnerbäck
    It’s hard to be a saint in the city / Bruce Springsteen

  50. The Water Song – Hot Tuna
    Ten Years Gone – Led Zepplin
    Winter – The Rolling Stones
    Kicker of Elves – Guided By Voices
    Rock and Roll Jelly – Stanley Clarke w/ Jeff Beck

  51. Moby – Honey
    Damien Rice – Rootless Tree
    The Kinks – Shangri La
    Little Boots – Remedy
    The Pixies – Where’s My Mind

  52. Ain’t No Sunshine – Horace Andy
    Nowhere to Run – Martha Reeves and the Vandellas
    The Weekend – Michael Gray
    Feeling Good – Nina Simone
    I Hate Everything – The Queers

    Fun! I have a very eclectic mix on my ipod. Dance for workouts, and Motown and punk for everyday listening depending on my mood.

  53. Over Now – Alice in Chains Unplugged
    Daniel – Elton John
    Ruiner – Nine Inch Nails
    Feeling Good – Michael Buble
    Loli Lolita Lola – Alabina

  54. 1. Todd Rundgren “International Feel” from A Wizard, A True Star
    2. King Crimson “Red”
    3. W.A.S.P. “I Wanna Be Somebody”
    4. The Donnas “40 Boys In 40 Nights”
    5. The Eyeliners “Here Comes Trouble”

  55. Sometimes – James
    Desperados Under the Eaves – Warren Zevon
    Didn’t Leave Nobody but the Baby – Krauss/Harris/Welch
    World is What You Make It – Paul Brady
    Long Summer Day – Two Gallants

    It started on James when I switched it on because my Zen thing likes to play the last-listened, so if that doesn’t count the fifth is:

    Two Characters In Search of a Country Song – The Magnetic Fields

  56. The Mooche – Duke Ellington
    You Know My Name – Chris Cornell
    Home Tonight – Aerosmith
    Ramble On – Led Zeppelin
    Livin’ in Heat – Bill Chase

  57. 1.Back from Somewhere – Husker Du
    2. Old Alabama – Negro Prison blues and Songs (Alan Lomax comp)
    3.One Way Widdow-Les Savvy Fav
    4.Aunt Avis-Vic Chesnutt (RIP)
    5.The Best of Jill Hives-Guided by Voices

    I like how often Guided by voices are coming up!

  58. 1:Star trek VI soundtrack: The undiscovered country.
    2:Holst: The planets : Uranus, the Magician.
    3:Philip Picket& New London consort. Susato: Den IV gaillarde
    4:Das Boot soundtrack, Klaus doldinger : Rettung
    5:Frank Zappa/ the yellow shark: Times beach III

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