1. My new favorite restaurant is a small place in Filmore Ca. named Vallarta. They have a stolen cucumber margarita that’s possibly the most refreshing drink I’ve ever had and chile relleno that’s crispy, not soggy.

  2. it’s this small cheap diner that has awesome omelet’s. they serve breakfast til 4pm and by the time the weekend comes i’ve run out of food so i just wake up late and go there for breakfast. They also make a great quesadilla and put shredded lettuce inside it – yummaaaayyyyyy!

  3. There is a Sri Lankan restaurant in Kuwait City, between the Sheraton and Al-Muthana…it’s a small place, and the sink to wash your hands is in the back, but it’s food is the best in the world.

  4. Bayridge Sushi – Because I can get a Chirashi Sushi combo with 15 pieces of fish, assorted vegetables and egg, rice, soup and salad for $14.

  5. Well, there was this one awesome Sushi place in Torcy, Ile-de-France. Cheap and delicious. Only, they forgot my rice. Ehn.

    I guess it’s a tie between Ilio’s, a Greek restaurant with a bit of an edge (their calamari are to die for) and Da Verdi, an incredibly kitschy Italian place with chequered tablecloths and endless lines of chianti bottles on the ceiling, and a dodgy accordeonist who serenades you at your table. The food is cheap and delicious and the service is good. Both are in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and conveniently close to my favorite cinema.

  6. Hot Dougs in Chicago. Cheap, friendly and delicious. Perhaps the best sausage based resturant in the world. the only problem is you have to stand in line for 45 minutes.

    Kumas is a close second but suffers from the same over popularity.

  7. Coastal Kitchen in Seattle, WA. They do a rotating menu that focuses on the cuisine of a different part of the world each month (generally seafood-centric). It’s not too pricey, the food is typically excellent, and the place has a great comfortable atmosphere. They also have a great brunch, a killer happy hour, and a semi-secret “early bird” dinner one night a week that gets you 50% off between 5:30 ans 6:30.

  8. golden place a Chinese place with a Mongolian barbecue that’s great
    their all you can eat line is ok,but the BBQ is great.
    can get beef shrimp pork or chicken with noodles and a few other vegetables,you pile it all into a bowl hand it to the guy behind the counter and he fries it up right in front of you.
    you can have it spicy too as hot as you want.love to go there when i’m able.

  9. Masa Sushi in Camarillo, CA. fantastic fish – and I am ultra picky – and they have great prices. Oh and they’ve been in business for like 27 years.

  10. El Jaripeo on the east side of Indy and Dicks BBQ downtown. Although w/ the BBQ I think it is my infatuation with saying I am going to eat Dicks at lunch…..since I have the sense of humor of a child.

  11. Since it’s favorite restaurant, and not best restaurant, I have to say Monk’s Cafe in Philly. I love Belgian cafes, and Monk’s is a great combination of beer and food. Most cafes tend to focus on the beer selection, but Monk’s menu selection is more than worth the trip. Mmm…Thomas Hardy Ale and braised veal cheeks.

  12. Taco House in Okoboji, Iowa. Its a dirty little Americanized Mexican place run but dirty teenagers and has had at least a half hour wait in line for their cheap food for as long as I can remember. It might not even be good, or even safe; but I’d do some pretty horrible and heart breaking things for just one taco right now.

  13. I’m always partial to diners. My current, local favorite is a place called Darby’s, in downtown Olympia. They make killer breakfasts and lunches, but (oddly) I’ve never had dinner there.

    Oh, how I weep for the diners this town has lost! Clubside Cafe, with it’s eclectic mix of bar & diner fare… Hell, I even miss King Solomon’s Reef… excuse me *snif*… something in my eye…

  14. high-end Boston: Blue Ginger or Oleana
    mid-level Boston: The Elephant Walk
    low-end Boston: Taco Loco in East Somerville

  15. favorite high-end: Hy’s Steak House on Kuhio in Waikiki (because it is CONSISTENTLY fabulous – been going there for over 20 years now! – but usually for special occasions. oh, and the service is awesome!)

    favorite mid-level: Chiang Mai thai restaurant on King Street, Honolulu – the food is awesome and affordable

  16. I could cite this vegan restaurant I eat at for free from time to time (and which is surprisingly good), but my favourite eating place is not a restaurant; nevertheless I often go there: Chez Jef, the stall at Place de la Bourse that sells snails in broth.
    The owner, Jef, is a colorful Brussels-folk old guy with a thick Belgian accent, and his snails are freakin’ delicious. But mostly I also go for Jef himself. This guy has been selling snails on the same spot for 40 years, he has seen the city change, and everyone knows and loves him, from the rugged bum to the businessman. It’s a tiny, warm social spot in the heart of an urban core.

  17. Original Joe’s, in downtown San Jose, CA. We used to be regulars there, and were always greeted by name. After 5 years, they still kill the fatted calf for us. Best prime rib in the country, available only on the weekends.

  18. Molyvos in NYC. Lamb Ravoli to die for. I’d have to pick that and only that as my final meal. (And a Chick-Fil-A sandwich and a dozen or so Krispy Kremes for dessert, just to class things up a bit.)

  19. Betty Burgers in Santa Cruz for lunch. Best hamburgers and sweet potato fries around. I want one now!

    For breakfast I like the Wharf House in Capitola.

    Dinner… The Crows Nest (Santa Cruz Wharf) has delicious shrimp and raviolis that is to.die.for.

    And yum @ Louise… haven’t eaten at Original Joes in too long!

  20. Zofin garden restaurant in Prague. The most family-friendy place ever – a covered garden with loads of toys and a very relaxed atmosphere. A decent all you can eat buffet that means you can enjoy a long and lazy meal. No pressure from the staff. And right on the vltava river in the city centre – the kind of location usually reserved for overpriced tourist traps where kids are only welcome if they are on the menu.

    As a parent, i most value restauants where we can go as a family – without worrying about annoying other diners. Zofin is a gem in that respect…

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