Cynical-C Has Been Hacked

Thanks to everyone who has alerted me that they are having problems reaching Cynical-C because it’s being reported as an attack page.

I’ve gone through the site and cleaned up two instances of malware scripts that some lovely shit stain person put in my blog template, changed passwords, updated WordPress and now have sent off emails to Google and telling them to look over my site and add me to the “All cleared” list.

I couldn’t even get on my site using Firefox to post about it. I had to open Internet Explorer which has no problems at all going to nefarious attack sites like Cynical-C.

Sorry Cynics. Hopefully we’ll be up and running again soon waiting for the next disaster.


Looks like we’re back up and running. Now I just have to make sure that the holes have been fixed so it doesn’t happen again.

Thanks to everyone who emailed me about the issue.


  1. Did you find any added files or comments like, “83w@r3 my H@X0R5! All your pages are belong to us!”? That happened where I work a few years ago, but the attacker was pretty easy to find. This dickhole signed his little “beware” message with the same handle he used on a hackers message board, and included a post with our website address, details about the type of system we use, and the message he used to replace our homepage.

    We turned him in, but we also added his e-mail address to every online mailing list we could find over the course of several weeks. Literally, hundreds of them.

      1. I use firefox + noscript + avast. Never got any indication of a problem. Would you say that’s probably because noscript prevented it running? Or avast failed to report it? I do see, even now, that noscript is blocking “”.

  2. Just wanted to chime in and say this is probably the WordPress worm, a known virus that infiltrates blogs through security holes in message moderation software. WordPress suppoprt sites (both official and unofficial) can offer some helpful resources, or just google “WordPress worm”

    I’ve been down this road… let me know if I can help.

    1. LOL.. I had the same thought – imagining Steve Martin yelling “someone HATES these cans!!”

      Glad the site is better, Chris!

  3. Hmm, I’ve learned something today. If that ever happens to me, go dig out a different browser. I don’t think I have IE, but I have Safari, Opera, and something that begins with a C someplace.

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