1. Crappy week for me too. I was sick over last weekend and was therefore unable to devote a lot of time to my masters comps. So that left me with an insanely busy week and some really shitty papers. Oh well. On to spring break.

  2. same here, man.
    monday i went to the grocery store and bought $14.82 worth of chicken and ramen noodles, and they accidentally charged my debit card $148.21, so i spent all day tuesday trying to get that shit settled.

    1. Ok, I can see how they could have moved the decimal over but how does that explain the 1 cent at the end? I’d be pissed about that one cent….

  3. But Cyni-Kitty is so beautiful, Chris, and he loves you. So despite what you’re feeling right now, there is some good in your existence..

  4. Wow, Cyni-kitty looks like my Max. The only way to tell them apart is that Cyni-kity’s white fur is white, while Max’s is the color of our driveway.

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