Naked Snow Sculpture was Naked

From The Daily Mail:

It was supposed to be a bit of fun during recent heavy snow, but one family’s snow sculpture has earned a frosty reception.

Maria Conneran and her family had worked hard to create their armless, nude snow lady in the front garden of their home in Rahway, New Jersey.

But despite several compliments on their chilly version of the Venus de Milo, the family were forced to cover up her blushes after complaints from other residents.

(via J-Walk)


  1. I wonder what those neighbours would say if they were to visit Rome. But that can’t happen since it would mean they’d have to go out of their neighbourhood and – God forbid – see the world.
    The second saddest thing about this story is that they obeyed those talibans. If there’s one thing I’d flat out refuse in any circumstance, it’s to censor art. It’s not like it shows a double penetration or something.
    How I hate those puritans and their wilful ignorance of cultural history.

  2. If those neighbors visited Rome, as Inti suggested, they’d probably start a petition to whitewash the Sistine Chapel frescos because the of all the scantily clad figures they saw.

  3. namowal: They wouldn’t even reach the Sistine chapel; their heads would explode way before that from all the nymph statues they’d pass by.

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