1. hi. lame video. i’m chilean and what we really need is all the help we can get. it’s true the we ain’t a poor country, but none country could ever be prepared for such disaster. please, google “help chile” and just give a little. thanks from our hearts.

  2. This guy reminds me of my brother in law, who steadfastly maintains that it’s the weight of all our buildings and roads that is pushing the continents down, making it only appear that the sea is rising. Seriously.

  3. I think we’ve found future president Palins science advisor. If she doesn’t completely ban science that is.
    He’s certainly got the accent down.

  4. He sounds like Billy Bob Thornton to me (intermittently), so I keep expecting this to morph into some kind of ridiculous end-of-the-world movie involving the myth of global warming and how we can save the planet by propping up islands and they sink or something. It would still be better than some movies that are out there.

  5. Well my “comin sence” tells me that if he does not fix that crack runnin across the wall of his house, its going to get worse..

  6. The earth’s core is heating up and we are warming from the inside out. I saw a movie on it. It’s going to get worse in 2012 apparently. Don’t be alarmed though as the government are building secret arks.

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