Different Interpretations of the Same Picture

I found this on my friend Dalia’s blog where the description read:

When he died, his wife commissioned this sculpture, as an expression of her love for him.
I want love like that.

me too. doesn’t every girl?

I reacted differently to the photo. My first thought was:

Oh. They’ve encased her in Carbonite. She should be quite well protected. If she survived the freezing process, that is.


  1. Reminds me of Victor Noir’s grave at the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris.
    This particular grave has a statue representing Victor Noir dead with a rather bulky crotch, to represent the strength of youth (he was killed at 22).
    The legend is that women who rub themselves against his statue (in particular his crotch) and kill his lips will be more fertile. Note the areas where the bronze is clean:

    What could be better than having generations of women sensually rubbing themselves against you for centuries after your death?

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