1. On the documentary: the video producer needs to put down his/her guitar when the guy’s speaking. It didn’t add any dramatic effect, it was just distracting. So much that I shut this off half way through.

    On “Beard Man” John: The guy comes off as an asshole. It’s good that he stood up for himself on the bus, but otherwise he sounds like an obnoxious, inconsiderate jerk with no respect for authority or other people in general.

    1. It’s fine line, perhaps he’s both. Wait… yes, he’s definitely batshit crazy, so applying an insanity defense I guess he’s innocent of being an asshole. I’d still stay clear of him though.

  2. This guy has mental health problems. It is more sad than anything. I found his initial “spit shine” comment on the bus racist, but don’t think that it necessarily means that Tom’s a racist–considering he’s delusional and all…

    There’s an interview with the black guy ( probably playing to the camera a certain extent–like Tom isn’t, right…) who comes across as more reasonable that Bat-Shit Tom.

    Bat-Shit Tom should serve as a poster-boy for the sorry state of mental health care in this country, rather than a poster-boy for vigilantism.

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