1. Since you posted that satire of the average news report, I’ve watched all the episodes of Newswipe, and I’m on to see the whole of Screenwipe now. I love the concept of television watching itself, maybe it’s the apex of television making. Charlie Brooker rules!

  2. Wow. My 13-year-old dresses like that and has that many friends, but she manages to do it on a $2 a week allowance. She’s certainly resourceful and not spoiled; I just wish she’d get better friends.

  3. Money doesn’t create spoiled brats, parents do, and mine are proof. We were a lower-middle class income family at best. My sister was spoiled rotten her whole childhood and was rarely punished, mainly because she was the youngest child and only daughter. This came to fruition when my parents bought her a car for her 16th birthday. It was a used, blue, not-so-sporty hatchback. She took one look at it and wouldn’t even get behind the wheel, mainly because… it wasn’t red. SHE REJECTED A FREE CAR BECAUSE IT WAS THE WRONG COLOR! Well guess what happened 6 months later – my parents got her a red car, which she accepted.

    And they couldn’t understand why she grew up to be such an irresponsible adult.

  4. Reminds me of the girl at my high school that sometimes drove the red Escalade to school, sometimes the white. I suppose it had to do with some outfit choice.

    And there was no shortage of luxury car gifts for these assholes either. I, myself, was STOKED that my parents splurged on a new car (Toyota Civic) for me. That was supremely generous, and I must say I was a little spoiled, but I damn sure appreciated it.

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