Question of the Day

How are ya today?

I thought I was in a good mood. I had a good night’s sleep and managed to wake up with plenty of time to make some breakfast before going to work. And then I got in a fight on the phone with an automated menu system. And lost. It was one of those menus where you have to speak your answer instead of hitting a touch tone. I had to answer either yes or no. I said yes. It couldn’t understand me. Yes. YES! Yeah. Yeppers. Affirmitive. Si! OUI! Ndiyo! FOR FUCKSAKE JUST LET ME HIT 1 for yes.

Now I’m annoyed. And apparently can’t even speak English.


  1. That’s ok, when you finally do get to someone they can’t speak English either.

    I suppose I am ok for a Monday. Rainy foggy day here in Indy. What happened to the 10 inches of snow the said we were going to get. I should be a weathergirl. I could do shots of Jack, read the almanac and be more accurate than they are.

  2. I hate those damn telephone trees where you have to speak instead of press a number. I guess they made those for people who still want the illusion that they’re speaking to a real live person, but I have never had a problem with “push 1 for yes”. I also have never had a problem leaving a message; sometimes it’s actually more pleasant that speaking to the real person!

  3. i was in a good mood too, and then my co-worker gave me shit for waiting patiently to get into the fridge while she was in the way, and i bit my tongue just in time when i was about to say “whatever, go change your pad”

    she actually said “when you see me by the fridge, dont even come over because you know you’re going to have to wait”

    what am i supposed to say to that “you know im twice your size right, i could just push you out of the way you fucking cunt” but noooo, i have to be all polite and shit.

    anyway, now i’m irritated.

  4. I hate when they put you on hold, and then they warn you that this call might be recorded so they can sue your ass if you bad mouth some lowlife techno-weiny. and the muzack, don’t even go there!

  5. Hungover as all holy hell. But this is the first time I’ve had two days off in a row in almost a month.

    I’ve recently come to the conclusion that when you work a lot you appreciate the time off a lot more. The times I’ve been unemployed over the last few years I didn’t care what I did with my time off because it was all time off. Since I’ve been working almost constantly for almost two years now I’ve really learned to appreciate my time off, and today is my day off.

    I’m going to recover from last night’s partying and I’m going to cook some delicious food and I’m going to get some well deserved rest. Maybe do a crossword or something.

  6. Try doing those voice activated systems when you have a cold / bronchitis.

    It: “Please say the name of the department you wish to connect with”
    me: (Horrible hacking cough with blood in it)
    It: “I think you said Human Resources”
    me: “ya, I can see where you got that”

    1. I’m recovering from a cold. I thought my voice was back to normal. Apparently not.

      And when it didn’t understand my first ‘yes’, the second time I said it I was too self conscious and said ‘yessssssssssssssss’ with a Cobra Commander type end to it…. This may have been the problem. But my first ‘yes’ was fine damn it.

    1. Nope. Water delivery issue.

      I had that Comcast digital hell a few months ago though. The automated thing only kinda worked and they had to connect me to an even less helpful real life person.

  7. You can still hit 1 for “yes” and 2 for “no” on automated menus that require you to speak. I do it whenever I have to suffer through one, and so far it’s worked every time. If they give you a list of options, count the options and just hit the number for your choice. Seriously, this works and I’ve even encountered one where if you say absolutely nothing but stay on the line, the recording changes and offers the option to “say yes or press 1.”

  8. pretty ok, the typical stuff pisses me off like people walking in front of me and smoking and blowing their fucking clouds of death into my face. Overcrowded lunch counter at the market with people wandering around and not looking where they’re going.

    At work now where the bosses think they can assign me 80 hours worth of work this week and don’t ASK what I am capable of first. Though if I was out of coffee I’d be a LOT worse.

  9. Oh, hate those automated voice phone conversations. Shit day here too, realized last night that my flight was booked for 9am this morning, not 9pm (which would be now), which I suppose is my own fault. That didn’t help my mood. So had 4 hours sleep, then couldn’t buy any duty free smokes at the airport because I was traveling within the EU (which I am positive I have done before quite recently) then had to endure a horrible Ryanair flight (seriously go with Aerlingus or anyone else, it’s worth it). And now I have a cold.

  10. It’s a sunny 60 degrees over here in the Pacific Northwest. I took a bike trip this weekend and was feeling great until yesterday, when my body decided to come down with a cold. I’m enjoying the beautiful weather anyway, but I was hoping I’d make it all the way through “winter” without catching anything.

  11. I’m in a foul temper.

    Largely because I’m extremely tired and overworked, and just had to cancel a day’s snowboarding (first in 3 years!) as a result.

    Also, got our car back after 4 months (!) under post-crash repair – only to find out that the garage cocked up so badly that we’re facing (definitely) another long repair wait, (likely) a bill for maybe USD 4000 that we don’t have, and (similarly likely) a majorly headfucking legal procedure to go through to make the garage accept liability.

    Oh, and it’s beautiful weather and I can’t enjoy it.

    Thanks for asking.

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