1. I still think chatroulette is fantastic, and have been trying to make a couple films of my own, more like reaction videos though.

    I do have a feeling that Codeorgan should become the next big, yet brief, thing. You go to http://www.codeorgan.com and enter any Website’s URL, and the code is converted into a song. The song for this blog is pretty catchy, a bit imperial with a funky roll to it.

  2. I can’t judge this movie because I can’t read the small print. My glasses broke and I don’t have insurance, so it will be a while before I get new ones.

    I don’t see how anyone has enough time and patience to make a project like this. The few times I’ve tried Chatroulette I soon get tired of the quick succession of naked men, ten-year-olds, and people who don’t have their webcams enabled.

    1. I’ve tried Chatroulette I soon get tired of the quick succession of naked men

      Funny how the reverse is never true for guys though! But then the ratio of naked men to naked women is probably 100:1 so when it’s like a buffet I guess you can pick and choose.

      Did you try making the video full-screen? The text is larger, but pretty blurry and pixelated. You didn’t miss much though – most of it went too fast to read anyway, and you still get the gist from watching.

  3. I have yet to try chat roulette. First i heard about it was yesterday. This is an interesting crash course into that world though. I think i like it as well because it is a combination of 3 very interesting hobbies.

  4. Hello, I’m the one who made this movie. I just wanted to apologize for blurry text: youtube has a 100mgb upload limit, so I exported it the best I could. I do hope it is enjoyable, and appreciate the blog. Take care.

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