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  • Mike K

    Are the trailers unskippable now too? I haven’t bought a DVD lately, but on all of my (older) ones the only part you can’t skip or FF past is the FBI warning.

    It’s ironic that according to the DMCA*, I’m not even allowed to take a legit copy I bought at retail and rip it onto a DVD-R without all the extra content just for my own use.

    *Digital Millennium Copyright Act

    • outeast

      They seem hit and miss to me. But quite a few kids’ DVDs I’ve got have un-fast-forwardable ads/trailers on them. We can’t let our children get away without the commecial exposure, can we? Fuckers.

  • McGee

    Blu-Ray discs nowadays seem notorious for having everything unskippable. It’s really, really annoying.

  • My blu-ray player can skip that stuff. Hit “next” and it goes to the next skippable thing, then hit ”next“ again until you get through them. It’s a bit of a pain, but I think it only happens the first time you play the disk. They go right to the menu the next time you play it. I’ve been watching LOST again on blu-ray, and it’s pretty awesome – and I haven’t been too bothered by the ads and screens at the beginning.

  • DN

    Resorting to theft seems like an extreme way of avoiding movie previews. I do not understand this thinking.

    • George

      I understood the point to be, “Pirates get a better user experience than paying customers, because studios exploit the additional DRM control they have over legitimate DVDs to create other revenue streams through compulsory ads.”

  • curious

    When I REALLY like a movie I’ll buy it because I think it’s a good value for my money. Music on the other hand…

  • That’s one advantage of sticking with VHS. That and the kids can’t ruin them as fast. Yeah, I’m a Luddite.

    • outeast

      Hold on, on VHS you have to FF the ads/trailers whatever, no?