1. Miraculously, butter began pouring out of my hands and feet when I came across this link. Its like stigmata< but in this case it's Stickbutter.

  2. Does that mean he will always fall a certain side up.

    Probably how he feed all those people.

    ( I believe in Jesus so I’m hoping he has a sense of humour)

      1. Jesus is considered the Word revealed in the flesh, the Son of God, and God in human form. According to the Bible and the writings of Theologians like St. Augustine, in order for the sins of humanity to be forgiven by God, a pure sacrifice would have to be given to God. However since humanity is weak, there was not a single person on Earth worthy of being sacrificed to God. Considering that God loved (loves?) people and wanted to forgive them but could not forgive without enacting justice, God offered himself up by creating Jesus, who is God manifested in human flesh. What does this all mean? That if you say Jesus created the platypus you are saying that God created the platypus. If you are a Catholic and believe in the Trinity you will know that Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit are all, to put it in a basic form, different forms of God. So yes, “Jesus” made the platypus. Except that he didn’t because he was just a man and God doesn’t exist. So none of it matters. Except the toast.

    1. Oh, I’m so sorry this hurt you so deeply. That was unfair wasn’t it.

      I’ll get the picture of that funny looking middle eastern dude removed as soon as I finish the kitchen prayers. Then our blessed toast will be adorned as only toast should.

      Shall we pray?

      Blessed be thy toast, for thine is popped and warm. Giveth this day our daily butter . . . and cutteth off thine crusts.

  3. I thought Jesus was a cracker (not a bigot from the American south, but one of those communion wafers, i.e. “The Host”). Does anyone know if P.Z. Myers has seen this yet?

  4. i actually have a pic of jesus EATING toast, while giving a toast. i guess he needed to do something with all those “loaves and wine” that kept showing up wherever he went.

    1. When you say it’s a pic….is it a photo of Jesus or is it just painted like most of the stuff from that time? If it’s an actual photo can you tell me whether it’s a Polaroid or not?

  5. Photoshopped?

    Noooooo. Please don’t tell me! Just when I was feeling the spirit coarse through me–like real seven-grain too. My world is shattered!

    Wait, can’t be Photoshopped! Jesus wouldn’t allow seven-grain to be taken in vain . . . would he? Not Jesssssuuuuuuuuuussssssssssssss!!!!

    1. Of all of the comments so far, I love this one the most LOL people need to lighten up, and for the guy that “discovered” that it was shopped, congrats cause noone ever saw that. Good luck in your career in forensics. LMAO, Sponge Bob I love it

  6. OH also, you could consider that it might just be a natural degradation of the actual piece, but what do I know. I”m liking the sponge bob theory!!

  7. What a bunch of noobs. This went around awhile back… I think it is called “The Toast of Turin” or something like that.

    Next, someone will see Ceiling Cat in the underwear drawer.

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