1. This guy’s voice makes me want to slip into a depression, curl up into a coccoon, and simply die from malnourishment due to a lack of drive to eat.

  2. I didn’t even like the visuals. I’ve never gotten into so many fights over this, but I honestly wasn’t impressed with Cameron’s designs. The textures were accurate, sure, but the designs were REALLY boring and the colors looked like they’d been picked by a teenager who was testing out their first set of prismacolors.

  3. I think this guy’s reviews are hilarious. He’s found a niche trashing blockbusters that have definite issues. His “Phantom Menace” review was much more of a take down. I more or less agree. I enjoyed some of the 3D planet effects, but didn’t really enjoy the mandatory 30 minute battle scene at the end or the story in general.

  4. I thought the Phantom Menace review was excellent, but this one was a little weak. Who cares if it was a summer or winter release? Even if it was a marketing ploy (which it was) why talk about the marketing ploy in your movie review? Who cares how big their eyes were? And if they weren’t hot aliens, would we have watched? What was the last movie to use only hideous actors, by the way? I’m taking it too seriously, but I expected more from this guy, legend as he is.

    1. you have to remember that he had several years to comb through the debree that was episode 1. Avatar has yet to be released on anything but the theaters. I have to say i hated this movie more than episode one. At least most people are in agreement on that point.

  5. I started to wonder what this guy DOES like, but then he uses District 9 as a foil for some of his arguments (… long day, possibly incorrect use of ‘foil’ — oh well). Maybe he liked that movie?

  6. I’m with the “just for 3-D” camp. I haven’t seen it yet, and if I do, it will only be to see how awesome the 3-D is (or is supposed to be). The story sounds pretty predictable.

    I’m mainly waiting for it to come out on DVD, but only if it’s in 3-D and includes a few sets of the glasses.

  7. Yeah, the phantom menace review was good, it helped me understand just how that film achieves such incredible levels of terribleness. But this avatar review was unnecessary, everyone knows all this already, I went to see avatar expecting a roller coaster, but it was a fairly well made roller coaster so I wasnt complaining. If you really want to see a truly good innovative film why are you watching all these hollywood films in the first place!?
    (also he never mentioned that plot hole in avatar when they escape in a helicopter from the main base no-one chases them even though they have lots of helicopters and actually know exactly where they are going (the “bad guy” visited them earlier))

  8. I will happily admit that I liked Avatar. It may have been a rehashing of a story that’s been told (more than once) before, but I thought it was entertaining.

  9. I loved Avatar, it was like King Kong for the end of the the 2000s, people in 1933 didn’t buy Kong but they appreciated the effort to try as hard as they could to make him real and met it half way.

    That said, THIS is my favourite movie of 2010 and it’s 20 minutes long. The guy clearly is clearly writing out of a love of movies rather than spite otherwise he wouldn’t care enough to tease out so many cool aspects. It’s also a great platform for his writing/editing skills.

    The skull in the popcorn bucket is genius!

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