DVD of men staring into camera to help women overcome shyness

From Boing Boing:

“Miterudake For Lady” is a Japanese DVD that consists of videos of men staring into the camera. It’s meant for women who want to overcome shyness with men, but I suppose men who are shy of men could use it is.

I dunno. After watching that video, I may never talk to anybody ever again.


    1. Someone needs to set up a date between those DVDs. Those poor crying women need a calm, soothing face staring at them and smiling while they cry.

  1. You know its sad, I’ve lived in Japan for the last 2 years and when I saw the headline, I immediately thought Japan. I don’t think this video is going to work though. Especially when the men are just as bad as the women, plus its just too ingrained into the culture.

  2. lol @ 1:10

    There also seems to be a DVD for staring women. Generally, it reminded me of those Scientology training videos that popped up on YouTube a while ago.

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