1. There’s an Intelligentsia Coffee down the street from my company’s Chicago office. They *HAND POUR* each cup of drip coffee through individual filters, even. The whole place screams labor intensive process if Ive ever seen one, and somehow they charge the same as Dunkies.

  2. At first I thought it odd, the intensity he devoted to his craft. Then I realized that I honor that level of knowledge & skill, and now am yearning for a quality double espresso.

  3. I spent an inordinate amount of time figuring out how to do this at home…. not to mention money (great grinder, great machine). Even with all of that I bat about 60% to 70% each morning on getting the right shot, not to mention milk steaming etc. But when it is dead on, it is a thing of beauty. I have only been to a few places in the US that get it right…

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