1. I could just be used to her, but I think she’s gotten a little better over the years. Her weird speech pattern from the first season isn’t as bad anymore. I remember being terribly annoyed by her during the first season run, but I don’t really mind her much anymore.

  2. I just mentioned this in the dexter morning routine post but she does become less annoying and actually does some pretty decent acting in season 4. I think it’s her Character more than anything, they really made her out to be kind of a tomboy goofball who doesn’t seem very smart as you will see, she changes a lot after season one due to the plot. 😉

  3. Yeah, she does get better, but I’m astounded by how bad she is in the first season. They made her out to be this completely inept character, yet she was on the police force. It didn’t make any sense at all. Personally, I think the acting is really bad and gets better, too.

  4. You’ll never fucking get rid of her any fucking time soon. She’s just a fucking part of the fucking show. Just fucking do it like me and hold your fucking ears whenever she fucking appears on the fucking screen.

    Dexter is great, though. I’d even say the later seasons are better than the first…

  5. [spoiler alert]

    She’s abused by the writers. When the writers don’t know what to do with something awful – they dump it on her.

    She’s getting better but, yeah, she was annoying. I was kind of glad that Mrs D was killed as she was saccharine and cloying. Good way to get rid of her children, too – foist them on the grandparents.

  6. Deb has grown on me considerably, but not entirely won me over. As others mentioned, she shows some real acting chops in season 4, so I think it’s more the character’s annoying traits than the actress’. In my opinion, Deb has fallen into a character arc/plot pattern that seems to reboot itself every season. This annoys me more than anything else about the character.

  7. She is the worst actress ever, because even with the crappy plot lines they involve her in, she fails to demonstrate even the lowest level of competence as a cop. It’s like she needs more training or a technical adviser or something.
    But if you are married to the star (iMdB ), life has it’s perks, no?

    1. I think that’s it. I’m not exactly looking for realistic police portrayals when watching Dexter but I’d like a homicide detective to at least seem like she has more experience than a meter maid

  8. Her acting is really weird and awkward now. It’s like a dry heave with mild Turret’s Syndrome. Add that with soap opera-style cringe acting. She’s probably not going anywhere, though. I think she’s married to Michael C. Hall, and no, I’m not going to bother verifying that.

  9. I had to get used to it, which is totally worth it considering how good the rest of the series is. It’s the constant painful awkwardness that gets me, which I still can’t tell if it’s an issue with the actress or the character. What else has she been in?

  10. i think she is actually a below average actress
    plus the character is very annoying and borderline stupid.
    now, i don’t have a problem with ‘annoying’ but i do have a problem with ‘stupid-getting-promoted-for-a-couple-of-good-guesses’
    i almost hate watching her speak… Kill her off!!!

  11. As a supporting cast they really are throw away characters and their stories are all rather inane. Sometimes I wonder if they make the rest of the cast dull and uninteresting just to intensify the action that is going on with Dexter.

  12. She is annoying in the beginning because the writers didn’t know what to do with her. In the first season, she was still the annoying little sister with daddy issues Dexter grew up with. By the end of season four, she is a real character. After being shit upon so many times, the writers finally had a real background for her and began to write her as a person.

  13. I think it’s a combination of things, though more the writing than the acting. I think Jennifer Carpenter usually does a very good job with what she’s given, even if that’s often an annoying character. I thought she was particularly good in this past season, and I think it’s unfair to say she only has a job because she’s married to Michael C. Hall. (I thought she was actually rather good in Quarantine, for instance — at least until she, and the movie, stopped being any good at all.)

    Dexter has always had a problem with its secondary characters, with justifying the non-Dexter storylines, and I think Deb is just part of that problem — though much less so than the others as the series progresses.

  14. Actually Deb does get a lot better with time. Rita on the other hand gets worse by the episode until you learn to hate her by the third season.

  15. So, a female cop who swears like a sailor and is a bit bumbly is ravingly stupid, incompetant and borderline mentally deficient.

    I’m guessing that if the same character was a guy, he’d just be ‘funny and cool’.


    1. you may be correct @AmandaNZ, but the character would have to be likable, and Deb is not likable, IMO. If she was great at her job, we’d understand why everyone puts up with her.

      1. There are plenty of unlikeable male anti-heroes in television/movies.

        Tony Soprano – foul mouthed, reprehensible, violent, criminal. What is he to tv fans? Cool.

        Tyler Durden – foul mouthed, ultra violent. What is he? Good looking and cool.

        George Costanza from Seinfeld – emotionally stunted, socially inept. What is he? Cool.

        Sawyer from Lost – criminal, under educated, emotionally stunted. What is he? Sex symbol and cool.

        I could go on.

      2. @Amanda

        Have you even seen the show? And if so, tell us what you think of the character and actress and why the consensus is wrong that the character or actress is annoying and/or undeveloped until season 4.

        If you’re going imply that the commenters on this thread are sexist because they don’t appreciate this character you need to at least provide something more cogent than a tangential and irrelevant list.

  16. I’ve grown to love Deb. She’s a complete fuck up emotionally but she knows she is and has begun to grow through her experiences. I think the actress who plays her is masterful in that she manages to make her so annoyingly real.

  17. I’ve only seen the first three seasons so far but she still annoys the hell out of me. As far as character vs. actress, I’m gonna go with a little from column A and a lot from column B.

  18. I concur with Fred. I think Jennifer Carpenter is Julliard trained…and I know not all of those people are “amazing actors” …but I think she needs some time to build a body of work before people should judge. It could very well be the writing and Deb’s storylines that people are reacting to. I find her kind of character refreshing since most females have such formulaic roles…but eventually Deb needs to get a clue and really make Dexter interesting…which may be the case in Season 5.

  19. The endless debate about Deb. I once read that she’s such a good actress and her subtle character portrayals are so convincing that she is often mistaken for a terrible actress – when in fact she’s excellent – and I’ve decided that I agree.
    She did bother me tremendously at first (don’t worry…you will soon desperately hate Doakes so much that your hatred for her will be a distant memory 😉 but you will probably/hopefully soon love her.
    A phenomenal series. Although its last season finale pissed me off to a degree I might not be able to forgive…seriously. Up until then it was virtually perfect.

  20. We just make fun of her. Everytime she swears we say, “Jesus, balls fuck Dexter!” She’s TOTALLY annoying. Rita also becomes increasingly annoying as she becomes the perfect wife and mother.

  21. Been meaning to post, but time has been a luxury lately. Dexter has been on the top of my list for a while now. For me the annoyance to Deb was what I guessed a tongue piercing that distorted her speech. As the series progresses, you will find that there are other actors that you will hate more. At that point Deb’s character ( and speech ) will improve and the annoyance will become distant . Quarantine? Really? No one mentioned the Exorcism of Emily Rose?

  22. Deb does start off as annoying, but as “Dexter” continues, her character gets fleshed out quite a bit more and becomes a complex character. As she’s working through her daddy issues, she shows signs of very possibly becoming a better cop than her daddy was.

    Stick with it. She may not become more “likable” to you, but she and her role in Dexter’s life will become more interesting.

  23. she is disgusting. she never gets better. i wanna punch the screen every time she is on. I wish i could say this gets better but it doesnt. the swearing never stops and her big man face just keeps getting worse.

    you will learn to tune the character out.

  24. she is a fucking idiot, the actress and the character. the series could move on without her and nobody would notice. I really dont see why shes been kept around so long. My tuning her out includes fast forward, i cant even stand to look at that pig face anymore

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