1. I to am extremely irrational when I see big spiders :S It’s stupid really but I’m asking my friend to watch this video for me and tell me if its ok. I’m pathetic 😛

  2. My fear of spiders is only surpassed by my ridiculously irrational fear of cockroaches. With some trepedation, I was able to bring myself to hit play. I was fine until the spider lept onto the dad’s face and all hell broke loose. I’m sure I let out a scream! The bucket on his foot was a nice touch. I wonder if he had to change his pants?
    Also, I can’t make out what the little kid says at the end. Did any one catch what she said?

  3. The little girl says, at the end, “I told you not to play with spiders”.

    Being from Oz, I’ve seen my share of spiders approaching this size. Which is one reason I’m glad to be living in the UK now 🙂

  4. I feel sorry for the spider. Watching it frame-by-frame, when he slammed the cup against the ceiling it caught the spider about ½-way across its body. Still, props to the dude -I never would have gotten that close to it.

  5. Done this many times. Huntsman (as big as your hand) are common in Australia, you can actually hear their footsteps as they run. They are super quick but I never take the easy option of killing them, I always try to catch and release them (much to my wife and sons amusement !)

  6. ” Huntsman spiders of many species sometimes enter houses. They are also notorious for entering cars, and being found hiding behind sun visors or running across the dashboard.”

    I’m trying to imagine how I’d react to a jumbo spider running across my dashboard while I was going 60 miles per hour on the freeway…

    1. Flipping down your sun-visor only to see a giant huntsman hiding there certainly gets your attention. Although they look scary, Huntsman are pretty harmless compared to our other spiders (red back, trapdoor, black widow etc – < they can kill you)

    2. one time I almost drove off the road when I noticed a palmetto bug (i.e. giant flying cockroach from florida) on the inside of my windshield. I don’t know what would happen if a spider that size surprised me!

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