1. Some Canadians are annoyed / resentful of the increased security measures imposed by the U.S. when flying into the U.S. So typical, that they turn the joke around on themselves, by poking fun at a Transport Canada.

    1. It’s tradition for us Canadians to mock our government when they act stupidly. Heck, we’ve made entire shows dedicated to the process (see Royal Canadian Air Farce)

      In any event, this backlash WAS the fault of Transport Canada. Basically the US TSA said they wanted every article of carry-on luggage bound for the US inspected by hand. TC decided that was too labor intensive so they decided to restrict carry-on luggage so they’d have less to inspect…

      Don’t get me started on the whole issue of “security theater” and the absurdity of these full-body scanners they want to implement everywhere. First of all, there are numerous reports that those scanners are unreliable at detecting low-density materials, such as plastics, chemicals, and liquids. Like what the underwear bomber had strapped to his junk! So there’s a good chance he could have passed through this “enhanced” security just as easily as he originally did. Second, you want to circumvent the scanners entirely? Just shove the explosive up your ass, the full-body scanners won’t find it in there… (They don’t see through you remember?)

      I mean, look back at the shoe bomber. For how long have they make everyone take off their shoes? What did that accomplish? Eventually they resumed allowing people to bring lighters on board. (I believe the TSA remarked that “searching passengers wasted time and did not improve aviation security“)

      You want safer skies? Put the entire TSA out to pasture, and clone Israeli airport security… Patting down toddlers and grandmothers is fucking retarded, and everybody knows it! You really want to cause a scene, then you set off a bomb in the airport where 5000 people are waiting to pass through this joke of security screening.


  2. Gee I thought it was serious (pretty close to what its like these days anyway). Does it make me feel any safer travelling – nope.

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