1. if theres something ive come to realize its that there is something bigger than this, are you truley happy with your life? or doyou doubt everything. there is something undoubtably true. God is real. God will never give up on you. even tho you dont believe that he LOVES YOU so if you fully have no doubt about your beliefs then you wont mind testing this. take 10 minutes,..and open your heart to God.. dont block this out! try it what do you have to lose and if you feel not a spec of happiness. the u have your rights but if you feel anything after saying the words..Jesus come into my heart, embrace it and i you will be happier than you think possible.

    1. I think if your god really wanted to reach out to people he wouldn’t do it through inane repetitive speeches given by people who indoctrinate their children and can’t seem to agree on what he wants.

  2. lol (brilliant) – I like the Rick/God lyrics – lol

    I should quote >
    We’re no strangers to God
    God knows the rules and so do I
    A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of
    You wouldn’t get this from any other God
    I just wanna tell you how gods feeling
    Gotta make you understand…… lol

  3. Also, kaila, those are some bold assertions.
    You’ll find that we cynics like to have some kind of evidence before believing in any claim.

    So if you’d kindly support those assertions with evidence, we’ll get right on with reciting those words for you.

  4. Eh, just spout back some of the same fervent verbiage at them. They’ll think they’ve converted you, thus winning another jewel for their crown in heaven. And then they’ll usually leave you alone so they can “save another heathen soul.”

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