1. @Rev. Snarfleez: Yes, but isn’t oh-so satisfying to feel like you’re “crushing” your coffee rather than letting it drip pathetically from a machine? There’s a primal element to the French press that I love. As does Dexter, I’m sure 🙂

    Also, did anyone else feel like they had just witnessed someone throw a litter of newborn puppies into a trash compactor while watching the end of the last season finale?!

      1. Get on it Chris! I finished S4 OnDemand last week!
        The sister (who is Dexter’s wife for reals) is awful. Doakes is also pretty one-dimensional, but overall it’s a great series. I know a few people who deserve to be on Dexter’s list!

  2. Chris is in for quite a ride. I agree with everyone who said that the first and the 4th season were the best… actually the fourth season wasn’t even that good but WHAT AN ENDING! I saw it a few weeks ago and I’m still blown away!

  3. I like Deb too. My husband and his friends don’t. Must be a guy thing. /shrug

    Chris you better catch up before the next season starts! Go go go go!

  4. She will grow on your Chris, she was annoying at first and the only thing I liked about her was she cursed like a sailor. She gets better and does some pretty decent acting in season 4. Doakes is fucking awesome though, one sided or not that guy made me laugh my ass off every time he was on screen. of all the seasons I think 3 is the weakest but it;s still good and Jimmy Smits was pretty great.

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