Fox News Has No Idea How to Cover the Crisis in Haiti

From Alternet:

As this Media Matters research item indicates, Fox News has been much less interested in covering the Haiti earthquake as compared to the cabler’s competitors. This doesn’t really surprise me, and for two reasons.

First, outside of Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel, Fox News doesn’t do foreign coverage. Period. It has no commitment to global journalism. And second, because the Haiti natural disaster does not have an obvious partisan angle, Fox News doesn’t really know what to do. Without an RNC, Obama-hating talking point to guide the newsroom, Fox News seems clearly adrift as they grapple with practicing actual who/what/where/why/how journalism. (It’s like trying to speak that second language that you haven’t used since high school.)

But Fox News’ abdication of its news gathering responsibilities is not new. The cabler did the same thing in the wake of the 2004 tsunami.