How To Help Haiti’s Earthquake Victims

I’m posting this to the top of the page because it’s too damn important to be anywhere else.

I’m donating this week’s ad revenue to various charities in support of the victims of yesterday’s disastrous quake in Haiti. I usually don’t ask for donations but if you have a few dollars to spare, please think about pitching in to one or several of these charities to help those who are in desperate need. I’m linking several charities below who can use your money to help the Haitian earthquake victims.

UNICEF has a direct link to help children who are victims of the quake.

The Red Cross of course.

Mercy Corp allows donations to be directed to help with humanitarian efforts which are desperately needed in the aftermath of this catastrophe.

Partners in Health provide healthcare for the impoverished have set up a link for the Haitian earthquake relief.

Doctors Without Borders has set up a link so your donations will support emergency medical care for the survivors of the quake.

And Yéle Haiti, Wyclef Jean’s foundation to support Haitians is accepting donations to help the victims of the earthquake (load times are slow at the moment)

Other ways to help Haiti, including more charities can be found here and here.

You may also use your cellphone text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to @RedCross relief efforts in Haiti. (The charge will appear on your next cellphone bill)

And Marge from the comments adds that UK readers can donate at the Disasters Emergency Committee: Umbrella organisation, should get your money to where it’s needed most.

Forbes has an article about how to spot scam charity websites.

  • Tyler

    Thanks for the charity links. I went with a UNICEF donation (that I probably wouldn’t have if you hadn’t mentioned it here).

  • Ninabi

    I did the text to 90999 and typed “Haiti”- $10 then goes to Red Cross relief. Quick way to raise money via cell phone (amount appears on next month’s bill).

  • luvcynicalc

    You might also consider Oxfam. It is a “teach a man how to fish” organization that can help in the economic, long-term development of Haiti. (I checked, there is at least one program there).

  • Dan

    [ed. Deleted. Now’s not a time for that kind of nonsense. You’ve been warned. Again and I’ll just ban you.]

  • Jocelyn

    I texted HAITI to 90999. Does anyone know if we are supposed to receive a confirmation text? I’d hate to find out that my donation did not go through when I get my phone bill next month.

      • Jocelyn

        Thanks for the link, Chris. As soon as I posted the question, the confirmation text arrived. Heads up for other readers who decide to text: This is a 2 part process. Once you send the text, a confirmation text will arrive. This might take an hour or so. You will then need to respond with a YES to that confirmation as a verification.

  • Marge

    UK readers should head to the Disasters Emergency Committee:
    Umbrella organisation, should get your money to where it’s needed most.

    • I’ll update the post with that info. Thanks Marge.

  • Here’s another good one:

  • jen

    donated via Yele Haiti – thanks for providing the link Chris!

  • LL

    Thanks for the kick in the ass to donate. I hadn’t been paying attention to the news for the last few days, and wasn’t aware of how bad the quake was. Glad I decided to look at your site. Gave a bit to Doctors without Borders.

  • yele and red cross. thanks for the links.

  • I donated to Red Cross, UNICEF, Partners in Health and Yele Haiti.

  • Thanks for the list. This is a good reference.

  • Armelius

    What about the Catholic church? They could help without any donations I suppose or are they just into saving people after they are dead?

  • Rev Mojo Ryson

    I would pull the Yele Haiti link based upon this:

  • dang

    Here’s another list of charities providing help in Haiti, rated according to the portion of their budget going to program services and their fundraising efficiency: